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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Hi everyone! me just had dinner.... Lagsane... eat till damn full. LOL! =D Today... went to Novena church at 11... thank GOD for all that results la... Really! Well, after that went to Kai ngan's home... talk and share lo... Then stay out too late... supposed to go for Children's liturgy in church then neva go. =P i know not correct la... but really i got alot to crap. LOL! =D Then someone gave me a peck on my cheek. =) gave me a shock sia! >.< haha! So the very long since i actually had a kiss already... haha! Then Kai ngan was so farnie! Cannot find clothes... cannot find bag... then he say his jeans not comfortable... LOL! In the end still gop brothers shirt to wear! =D At first he say dun wan go out wan la... but in the end his father not going home to eat with them so mite as well go church... Haha! He looks really cute today sia! Wear a black spiderman shirt and his nice jeans with a sporty bag... not so ah beng. LOL! (See... i say you cute! But u really are! LOL! >.<) Then i force him to agree to control his smoking... cos not good for him also. Then if 3 months he can control i give him a zippo lighter... then i also want to get one for myself... very nice and cool ma! Penalty for smoking too much is unreasonable... but is for his own good la.(u understand rite!)=) LOL! In the end 7 then take bus home... reach home... eat... then come here blog... LOL!

9:53 PM

Friday, February 27, 2004

Hi everyone! Never blog for 2 days straight... tired mah... and really excited over the o level result release. Today is the day! I got my o level results liao... quite happy with it la. Very happy... i am flying already... LOL! >.< Well, i can take aeronautical engineering! =D you see my teeth... LOL... i cant stop laffing! okok! So i have my results liao. Just now when i go and take result i shock for 3 seconds sia... then i screamed in that pitch for the first time in my life! LOL! =D I am so very tired la... cos... 2 days before the o level release i never sleep very well and then so much energy put in the excitement... Haha! Went to peirce my ear with Kai ngan on wed. LOL =D Before that went for pool with Wee koon and Kai ngan! Fun sia! A lot of mixed feelings in school today sia! People happy people sad... but most were quite happy as 98% made it to JC in my sch express stream... first time in history! LOL Heard good news and bad from some friends... but most of them did quite ok... LOL! Happy for them as well! Haha! Many people called home sia... and well as my handphone... all asking for results dia... Haha! then many keep asking me go JC and also psycho my mum ask me go also. They all very wad sia... it's going to be my own decision lo! Not that i stubborn... but some things you force is onli waste time also. Haha! okok... enuf of this... see ya again!

6:22 PM

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Wah!! So tired... but quite happy! LOLz... Went for school and ponned many lessons today. haha! Well, i attended maths and great thanks to huishi who attended both lecture and tutorial with me! =) I ponned econs and GP. And this time... it spells trouble. Cos that darn michelle went to boot lick that OLD HAG LEE and she went with her to the office. And i saw her while i was running away! CCB! Then OHL ask me... "you are having lesson now rite?" and i went..." yar... " and in the end... i still left. LOLz! Dun care them. Michelle is a damn boot licker. YUCK! Well, went for the movie thingy... Gothika was a bad show with interestin concept. It's not scary at all... but good for couples. LOL! =D Huishi kept buaing her feet on my legs... LOL! =D Well, after that they had fish and co for dinner... so regret i had lunch cos i felt so full and so i din eat. Drank coffee since i was tired. =) Then we went to PS for some walk walk... and i bot Kai a toy dog since it looked similar to my huge dog... its name is Kain. LOL! Farnie why i bot him that. ;P Anyway, after that i dunno why huishi got depressed and we walked down to the hotel dunno what and had desert while Kai had coke. =? Then we went back home... where i was squashed at the MRT and had to endure the working crowd... at 10pm! Neva mind! Today was an enjoyable day... ;) Tomolo i am ponning again. Wonder what the day has in store for me. Going to church early in the morning... =D and coming back to sleep again. haha! ok... see ya all! Nitez!!! ;)

10:52 PM

Monday, February 23, 2004

LOL everyone! Today is a wonderful day! haha! Well, today... early in the morning already wanna go and irritate the teacher! LOLx! =P So happy! We ran away for econs... but in the end still gotta have it during lunch break. But neva mind! Everyone had great fun! Well, today i was dressed in beatty uni again... and i borrowed the tie from Wee koon. Look like a screw up student sia! =D But i like the look... so tomolo go and borrow from him again. Wahaha! Then tml we say we all can wear tie one wear tie... n i will bring my digi cam to take class photo. Lolx! Good! So look forward to tml movie... GOTHIKA... think it is something scary... Lolx. =) And since Kai and Huishi not going for the class chalet thingy then we can go and have dinner together. And i WILL pon school on wed and thurs and fri... if there is any sch at all. LOL. =D Wed they say got class gathering at Sentosa... and my sec sch also have leh... dinner and K box... all on wed. So i have to decide which to go. But i think i both also half half. Lolx. =P Today school was a little stress... but i kinda enjoyed it... like sec sch... where everyone crapped and be merry. (",) So today was not that bad and i did not sleep during maths lecture while others slept. Must be a miracle! LOL! Chinese did not prove to be that boring when he spent 1 period toking bout his past.. while we slept! Haha! know we very bad... but also no mood. Study what rite! =P Actually... overate again. Feel so damn bloated. My sis think she pregnant then everyone else at home also pregnant... cook so much... and ask me eat and eat... think i need to rest my stomach for a few days by not overeating... or i think i wanna burst liao. LOL! K. Blog tomolo! Hope that tomolo will be a better day! =)

11:04 PM

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Hi everyone! Today is sunday! wahaha! Well, spent the morning in church as usual... and went down to muh mum's place to change phone with muh sista. Haha! Finally got her to lend me her phone. Problem is... her phone needs servicing... and i need to bring it to the service centre for her. Tsk... -_-... haha! Well, still happy that i got her phone... =) Brot my bike back since the weather is good and i have the energy... or it will continue to collect dust at home. Whahaha! =D Then really funny... Lynn dun have enuf uniform... ask me lend her worz... so i lend her la... but tomolo she confirm will shock... cos all my clothes super baggy... and she so damn small... like half of me lidat! =P Then she told me the story of this irritating person that had a "face lift". She went to rebond her hair and wear contact lens and became a lian. Last time she so the disgusting one then always act vulnerable. Gotta quote buyi... "ER XIN DA BIAN!" then lynn say that time she saw her the first thing she say arhz is " eh... now in JC got a lot of guys go after you rite..." Kaoz... bitch rite! Cos heard that she was very popular in SRJC la... a lot of boys like her... so she kinda become "outgoing" and "cute". I feel like vomiting lo! -.- Wahaha! Dun care her. I now keep on farting sia. Think cos of the prata at the thomson there cos my sis want to eat... then i was so sian. Cos i dun wanna go out to eat liao. Then also not that nice worz. =( Now... i keep on farting... see... retribution... =P haha! Must be the curry. Then siao siao... i think i am falling in love again... those who know who shhhh ok... ;) i dunno leh... i know this kinda thing cannot control one la... Wahah! So take things one step at a time. Wahaha! I SO look forward to the tues meeting with huishi, lester and kai to watch Gothika... wahaha! Should be quite fun... if not, i go there and sleep lo. Wahahaha! But dun think so... cos huishi will be very action there... wahaha! Not with me la... wahah! =P Kaoz... i think i kana stress... cos i have been overeating... then feel very bad lo... cos bloated... everytime i tell myself cannot overeat... i still do it... And this usually happens only when i am very stressed. XP Irritatin sia! Then i also constipate when stress... kaoz! CB... constipate and eat alot... HJ... feel so damn bad lo! KNN... Kaoz... wahaha! ok la... today also not that bad la hor... got to do alot of things that i want to... like to gope my sista's phone! LOLx =D

10:55 PM

Saturday, February 21, 2004

beautiful saturday! i am here to blog! Wowow... wasted beautiful morning by sleeping till 11am today. After waking up... had corn for breakfast... then got arrowed by muh sis to clean the house. Cos the liturgy people were coming for meeting. Seeing them i also nothing to say lo. So i decide to go out. Then received this msg by Kai asking me to go and pei him at work. Then he say dun go... then he say go and pei... then he say dun go...haha! In the end i went and visit him at Thomson and wait for him to end work. -_-" Hubby wait for wifey is correct k. =P In the meantime... i had a RUM and RAISIN ice cream! Wahaha! =D Very nice! BUT... not as nice as i make one! wahaha! Mine is done with real rum and real good raisins... generous servings ok! wahaha! ;P Well, after that... went with Kai to bus stop and i went church. Today, they tok bout 10 commandments... interesting topic... talked about abortion... family... all that kinda thing. haha! Came home... chat online a while... and went AMK central for dinner. Had... duck guo tiao... (chicken FLU!) and char kway! (Huishi... its the one we said nice... are you jealous liao? jk ;)) Well, after that came home... and come here to blog liao. Wahaha! What a boring life i have got! Wahaaha! kk... See ya all! Enjoyed muh day la hor! =)

9:33 PM

Friday, February 20, 2004

Good day everyone! Today... i ponned school again! Wahaha! Then Ms LEE msged me. Ask me why i din go school today. Let me see... i said "i think that the most of the lessons today are not beneficial to me." Then she went... "Andrea, which is your home no? the 64 or 65 one... then i told her and she called. Scare me dia! Call to tell me... "Sorhong wants to organise some class event and take class photo on mon so try to come." and " try as well to come as regularly as possible... even after the results are out..." -_-" As usual... my reply is..."arh... orh... ok..." haha!=D And she hung up. Think she gave up liao. Haha! =P Actually i not bad student k... i went library today ok! Early in the morning i build up issue 5 and 6 of real robot. =) Then nearly spoil it.=P Then in the afternoon after lunch i go to AMK library. Very big and nice. MMM... haha! Returned the books i borrowed yesterday and borrowed two more books about designing of planes and aerodynamimcs. Can last me like a few days... relieve me from boredom! Wahaha. See... i so nerd! 0.o =P Then i bot real robot 7... and my detective comic. FINALLY! wahaha! robot do ok liao. so easy for issue 7... just put in. Cheh! haha! Blog again tonight! I think i wanna go and cycle later in the evening! Wahaha! =D

3:38 PM

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Yoz everyone! Glad i was in a good mood today... cos some very 'beh on' people told me they wanna pon school... then go with me to crash other school today... but in the end... they were in school... -_-" and even msged me and ask me to go and crash with them after they get out of sch... Sian... Siaoz! Think i wat? Nobody wait with me want me to wait? I will have roots out and rot to death! =P Then in the end i went back to Zhonghua and get my cert. Saw Ms LOO! Then she was like... "girl... i thot you were in JC" and i was like..."erm... no la!..." haha! Then i collect the paper... i was so surprised that they actually gave me so many good comments... although some were obviously used to dig me. Cos there is this line... " she stands up for her principles." Which is like... nothing they know... cos i stood by my principles and nearly fought with this teacher. =D Wahaha! But overall they say till i very good... Wahaha! So honored sia! =) Well, since i was so bored... i went to Seng Kang library... Wahaha! Borrowed 4 books at one time... 1st time read so many still so enthu... think miracle happened! Wahaha!=D Today as many know... i ponned sch la. Then just now while coming home still saw Kun guan... then he was like... "huh?" and i just shouted proudly." Today i pon sch la!" Think i crazy liao! wahaha! I wanna look for a job... cos i think i will rot in the 4 months while waiting for poly. wahaha! okok... think today was overall very nice...=) So... blog again soon. =P

5:55 PM

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I wonder why... i am feeling very depressed... This very moment. A few moments ago, i was fine. i have no idea what happened. Am i avoiding problems that surface themselves at night? i don't know. This is terrible! I have no idea... i am lost...

~*when you cry i wipe away all of your tears*~
~^when you scream i'd fight away all of your fears^~
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+*But you still have all of me...*+

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