Eeyore~Little Me

Sunday, March 28, 2004

YOYOYO!!! me back to blog again. Finally had a rest day. Today is my day off. Haha! Yesterday reach home onli at midnight. Tired like crazy. XP Haha! Then today sleep till quite late lar. Tired ma. Then after that went to church. Haha! The new priest is quite farnie. he tok also very farnie. LOL then after that, went to play pool with jonathan. Treat him to pool la. Haha! Cos yester also miss the PPP... then very paiseh la. Previously promise him can go to the PPP. Thot it was on a sunday. Haiz. Haha! Then he say year end the focolare going to have another one. So ask me go again. Me this time will try my best k. So pool... it was quite fun. Had 2 hours of it. Then me suck today at the last few balls... kip missing or it hovers around the hole... but neva get in. -_-" haha! Then after that went to see handphones. Me wanna get the samsung 700A. Wah! Darn cool. But it is so expensive. 800 without plan. If i use my first pay... also not enuf. LOL! And then use 1 wholoe month of work to pay for a phone. Me sim tia... haha! So will see first. If not i sacrifice go and get other cheaper phones la... Samsung still gotta the best screens and color tho. MMM... panasonic as well... haha! Then me say this new phone... what PAN TECH. neva heard of it before. But the screen is darn huge and is cheaper than samsung. Haiz. Me dunno what to do la. Me want a good phone that can last me at least 1 year and 1/2... then me happi liao can change it. =P haha! okok... me will see la... Me not rich k. And i have to save up for my FUTURE! LOL! sound like i am so matured. LOL! Me tired yester... then today also ok la... tomolo work schedule haven receive... waitin now... after that today sleep early! LOL! okok!!! Kaingan!!! my Shifu in pool... i wun let u down and lose games one k! =D

11:47 PM

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Ok... me here to blog... feeling darn fucked up today. Dunno why... customer offends me... co worker offends me... All that shit. And i believe some people have been tuing lan jiao weh bout me. Believe it or not. Fuck man! Lotsa thing on my mind. I believe alot of things are like... done behind my back. Well... this is the world man! Face it! Farkers~ Shit la! Duno whether it is a blessing or a curse... aiya! Screw those farkers la! Beta not gimme any trouble... or i make sure u go sleep in deep shit! Fark! Screw those darn idiots!!! Dun feel like tokin. Now IMing Jonathan. At least beta to tok to someone who responds! Fark!

12:26 AM

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Finally had time to write liao! okok... so yesterday i was workin whole day... today as well la... no diff. Wahaha! Yesterday work at bugis with sophia... then also nothing much happen. Wahah! Then today boss give me junction 8. ALONE! And ya... i was quite stressed. Till now, i am stil thinking bout the cashier... the keys and stuff. But sales today was way better than that of yesterday's... and i am hapoy but that. Ya! That person workin yesterday gave me shit. Ya.. inventory was horribly done... and ya... the money part... she left no 10 dollar note in the cashier... and gave me a whole lot of coins... NVM... today i left those coin in there as float for tml. Wahaha! Cos i closed shop late... so i was in a hurry la. BUT as least i gave her some 10 dollar note ok... Wahaha! I am sooooo kind! Was kinda busy lo... esp in the evening. afternoon slack... stick cups with stickers... and ya... i got the hang of alot of things already. haha! scooping... washing... peeling... arranging... ya! Wahaha! fun la. At least have something to do. Wahah! HUISHI!!! i have no work on sunday leh!!! Waahaha! okok... blog again. i am quite tired... but still happy i acheived so much in a day! okok...

12:18 AM

Friday, March 19, 2004

Me back!!! okok... so yester work at J8... was quite fun... with mel... Then today... went to seiyu bugis... work for 3 hours... then boss called and say i dun haf work today. Then i check phone... got leh... so i dunno... will ask. -_-" okok... so i went shopping with huishi for a while!!! Thanz girl ;) She came down in 20 min!! Fast rite... bot a ear stud... okok... it looks a lil farnie... but beta than the usual stud... heex... then come home... eat a lil something... drinking green bean soup now... then blog here lo... so today nothing much. haha! ook... so i am back here... Me haven bathe... wahah! And huishi is going to sell me 2 shirts at $6! Good sia! Thanz girl! :) kk... blog again some day...

8:27 PM

Thursday, March 18, 2004

As i said yesterday... i am blogging later and later... =P and yes... this is 630 in the morning! Well, went for night cycling! It was so cool! And there were soooo many shuai ge there. But in my group dun really haf that many la! Wahaha! Well, it was a long and arduous journey... From AMK to dunno where then down to orchard... and geylang and stuff! Wahaha! Well... geylang... had a stop there... i din eat la! Wahaha! Then went to eh... serangoon hougang that area... =) Fun sia... But now my leg numb liao. Well, the nite was filled with fun and laughter... drunk drivers... speeding cars... falling bicycle chains... falling shoes... -_-" Haha! But nevertheless! it was extremely fun! Made a whole lot of friends there as well! Heez! Then got this girl... she dress like butch... then act a bit like butch... but i like her worz... (O.O) She looks cuter than guys... acts more manly... and yah... has a great attitude! Wahahah! But in the end... i dun think she butch la! Wahaha! Cool! Well... cycled back from CAYC back to Bishan... and came back to blog... wahaha! See... me so good. But really... credits to God and many other people who made this cycling a success! Great weather... safe cycling... well... i am back in one piece! Wahahaha! =D Really! Prayers are important! Nite cycling is sooooo fun. Wonder when there would be another one. But before that... let me recuperate... my legs are going to suffer later. XP Especially after i sleep! =X But now gotta go bathe. Like 7 then i go... dun wan wake my sister up. Heez! =) I am now still not tired... but wait... later u msg me... and i neva reply... then u know liao! Waahaha! Later still gotta work... 5 to 1030... J8... lucky J8... or else i really die! Wahaahah! =D

6:24 AM

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Ok! i am bloggin later and later. Feeling a lil troubled cos of what those people working next to me told me. I cannot go into the details over here... but if u realli wanna know can msg me and ask. Wahaah! Well... for this two days... i have been working... for free... cos it is called trainin. Many people say that this is free labor. And i also dunno la. Hahaz. Mel worked with me today. And she is alot diff from Grace... Grace is very kanchiong and really wants the best out of everything. While mel abit more relax... but everything still gets done la. Said i few farnie things to some customers... and met a few... ahem... unpleasant ones as well. The guy from the neighbouring stall got my no and asked if i could work for his roadshow some time in June. =D Well... that bcos i have knowledge in hamsters... and yes... they sell hamster stuff... =) The other neighbouring stall gave me snacks to bring home. Things like... dragon beard candy and some sugar stick popiah... quite nice la. haha! See... i go work and get fat. Wahaah! Today work busy... and i kinda enjoyed doing what i am doing currently. Some customers are really... overbearin! i shall not state the vulgarities... i will have to control... at least i can on a keyboard. o.O I dunno... a lil tired... a lil confused... a lil depressed... yupz.. that's all for today. Tomolo there will be a P19 gathering... wonder if i should go... haiz... no money... i wanna play pool also. Wah!!! i am broke! haiz.. as usual...

12:32 AM

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Ok... Today is my first official trainin... Grace taught me the ropes... and i TRIED to learn. Ok... i am still clumsy with that cash register. -_-" Well... i am not paid for trainin... but i am still doing what i should do. Wahaha! I was telling grace that this job is the "mai siao" de. Which is to sell ur smilez... and it is true. U smile... people come. And i packed so many packs of gao lak... i can dun need weigh it and still pack the correct amt. =) Wahaha! Customer got alot will show face let u see one... but i understand that i am there to work.. so i MUZ control. Saw this very familiar shuai ge at mac when i was getting dinner... Just cannot remember where i saw him before leh... But he is very shuai. ;) haha! Then got times i feel so bored and times the customer come in so much i feel so stressed. Haiz... why lidat... And i was EXTREMELY worked up when i have to handle the money. Cos... it is MONEY! And selling gao lak at this age... seems a little weird... cos u are selling it to the old people leh... or rather... middle age and above. But i get to eat gao lak... anytime. Wahaha! Well... there were 3 deliveries made... each i think is 5 kg. And i must learn how to pack them... present... things to say to customers and blah blah... And i kip saying and doing the wrong things... bleah =P Just Grace's luck to teach me. Wahaha! My legs are now aching... cos i stand the whole day... Cos serving ma... where got people sit and can reach cashier and reach everywhere... so bo pian... stand and serve. Well.... it was a fun and enriching experience la... love this job already... =X wahaah! okok... at least i know i am going to enjoy what i am doing till may... wahaha! okok... i am darn tired today... but i cannot sleep... wahah! I hope and pray that tomolo's weather betta la... cos today a while rain a while sun... Wa!!! okok blog again. See ya!

12:10 AM

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Okay... so i just got my job allocation for this week. Wah! Busy leh... cos i will be working Mon and tues full day... and thurs i also go work la... More or less it is all full day. Wonder if always lidat or not. Heez. Of cos got something to do better than nothing to do la. But dunno what my sista is going to say liao. Cos in this way i will not be home most of the time. haha! Well... gald he is willing to gimme the job tho. Think i gotta go and pray hard... heez. =) Really... thank God for this job and for many other things. Gee... okok... i am going to sleep soon... Cos i gotta go work tomolo. Heez... See ya all soon!!! Wahaha! =D

11:48 PM

Ok... so i give a short one over here... okok... Early morning went to church as usual... then eh... nothing much.. was irritated by a girl. Then i went down to mummy's place... where i got my pocket money and went to fix my bicycle. Now it has headlights and rear binkers! =D Happy happy! Since it was on the way, i went to pass jasmine my notes in JC. Well... that girl wants to read them before going to sch... (wah... so hardworking...-_-") Huishi is still workin now.. so poor thing sia.. but she rather earn money than spend... correct la.. mmm... i am still waiting for my boss to sms me the location where i will be doing trainin...

5:26 PM

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Wahahaha!!!! Finally have someone who is willing to give me a chance to work. Heez...will be going for training on mon and tues... after that they decide if i am suitable for the job. Phew... hope all turns out well!! Cos i need a job so i dun turn crazy. WEE!!!! Saw chew chor meng hinself at his shop. Well... nice day overall... Since i went to thomson plaza to accompany huishi from 230 to 530. See me so good!!! Wahaha!Ok la... tok cock... cos the person working there with her got generation gap sia! Then went to novena... church.. i was late... cos the f***in bus din arrive... even after 30 min!!! OMG!!! And i onli attended 15 min of it. Felt quite bad bout it. mmm... Then went to eat at the serangoon gardens hawker centre. Sis and bro in law went with me to eat... and the interview was there la... so they wait for me. So good... mmm... Took taxi back and it is now... bloggin time!!! wahahah! Hope everything turns good!!!! I want the job... Waahaha! Thanz to those who prayed for me then!!! I am so excited! =)

9:57 PM

Friday, March 12, 2004

Back to blog more... for the convenience of somebody and myself... i shall not type in aLtErNaTe caps... wahaha! Went to cycle just now... enjoyed myself... long time never really cycled... wahaha! Today no shuai ge...=P then got this mother and son really disgusting... the son is super hiong and anyhow cycle.. while the mother dunno how to cycle. -_-" then i was like... siaming the two of them... Wahaha! okok... So i am back here... Dinner was fine... sis cooked today. Wahaha! And i sweared while eating cos i bit myself. =X And my sis looked at me with this horrified face... wahaha! Cos i said fark... =P Huishi say tomolo wanna go the clean and clear thing... but she gotta work. Haiz... So poor thing. Today lucky sia. No mood swing! wahaha! So i now still ok. Just bathe finish dia. So i smell good... wahaha! ok la... Supposed to change hamster cage bedding.. but din. =P okok.. will try to do so tomolo. Mm... hamsters are all getting older. Haiz.. i want them to give birth. Heez... Now drinking this vit c drink. Dun taste good... but for the sake of the ice. =P i love cold drinks in cold days! ;) eating ice... =D Boring day tomolo... cos nothing realli to do... mmm... maybe drag my sis out if i can. i wonder when i have to slack till... i want a job. I am not a slacker. i cannot dun do anything... or i rot. XP Geez... if any of u see any job opportunities... tell me k... and pray for me to have a job soon... i sooo look forward to the day when i get the results for the posting. Heez. Then i can find out who at where and kpo... =P Me san ba!!! okok... blog again tml! *The american idol today... ahem... have those super bad singers special thing or something. =P*

11:02 PM

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Me hAVe noThInG tO rEaLlI saY. Me tOdAy gO ouT fInD jOb. FrEn hElp mE lOoK bOsS. BoSs vErI bUsY. AsK mE lEaVe deTaIlS aNd lEAvE. So i ToK tO mY fReN aT tHaT sErAngOoN gArdEn. KneW wHaT kInDa jOb iT wAs bOuT. SaW ChEw ChoR mEnG's wIfE. Got tOk. She nIcE. cOs sHoP bEsHiDe dIa mA. Go tHeRe sHaKe lEg eAt CheStNuT. ChoR bO! ToDaY rAiN. So FrOm mOrNiNg tIlL eVeNInG aLl cHoR bO! SiAo lA. WhEn gOiNg hOmE fRom sErAnGoOn gArdEn tAke bUs tAke wRoNg sIdE. ENd uP aT KoVAn. So tAkE NEL tO DhObY gHauT aNd TaKe MrT hOmE. KaN sIaN. MoOd sTiLl nOt cOrReCt lEh. Chi bAi... BuT oK lA. DuN TaKe iT oUt oN OtHeR pEoPLe. cOs mAi OwN mOoD mY oWn dAi Ji wHaT fOr gO aNd sHoW PeOpLe... AfFeCt pEopLe dIa. KNN! nOtHiNg tO Do... tHen ScOlD bAd wOrd iS mY HoBby! YeStEr dUnNo wAd ThE fUcK lA. CAnNot sLeep tIll 4... tHeN aT 8am The pHoNE gOt pRobLeM. wAkE mE uP. KaOz! LJ la... So wAkE uP oFfIcIaLly aT 11. AnYwAy nOtHiNg tO dO mAhX. mE bEcOmInG lIkE pIg sIa.. oNlI eAt aNd sLeEp aNd wAsTe rEsOurCeS. FArK lA... gEtTiNg fAtTeR bY tHe dAy bUt sTIlL nEvEr FInD wOrK. KaOZ. JL! AiYa... iF i gEt jOb tHeN gOoD lA. SiAOZ! hAvEn fIx hEaDlIgHT aNd bLiNkEr fOr bIkE! PlEaSe dUn kIp rAiNing! EsPecIaLly nExT wEd aNd tHuR... i WaNna gO fOr tHe nIgHt cYcLiNg dE hOrZ! HaIZ... SuAN lE La! ReN sHeN NaI tONg Ku qUaN yUaN... Ku bU kAn yAn... ShEn MInG DuAn ZhAn... He bU ShEn sIaN bAn xIaNg ShOu yI fAn! ReN ZhI cHu... XInG bEn Er... DuI QInG gAn... WU bU Ku... BEi hUaN lI hE... Xi Nu aI lE ChAnG Er nAn yAn...

11:43 PM

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

This is the Romeo and Juliet song that jas mine gave me...
KiSsiNg YoU (DeS'ReE)

Pride can stand a thousand trials
The strong will never fall
But watching stars without you
My soul cries

Heaving heart is full of pain
Oooh, oooh, the aching
'Cause I'm kissing you, oooh
I'm kissing you, oooh

Touch me deep, pure and true
GIFT to me forever
'Cause I'm kissing you, oooh
I'm kissing you, oooh

Where are you now
Where are you now
'Cause I'm kissing you
I'm kissing you, oooh

Blogging again... FeEling DaMn bOrEd! ToKinG to pEople onliNe. mAiNly hUisHi. i Am gEtTiNg dEpressEd aGaIn. HopE nO onE cOmEs tO iRritAte mE. oR i wIlL gEt reaLly aNgRy. dUnNo wHy saD. No rEaSon sAd. sAd wAd sAi... nO oNe oFfEnD mE dEpRessEd wHaT sAi! CB la! SiaN. NiTe rEaLli sUcKs... dArKnEsS bRiNgs uPon mY mIsErY, sAdnEsS cOmEs uPoN mY hEaRt. FaRk iT. i Am tRyInG tO bE aRtiStiC hEre! lIstEnInG tO oThEr pEopLe's hApPy sToRy doeSn't mAkE anY dIffErEncE. AnD mE haVeN gO aNd bAthE. Me sTiNk lIkE cRaZy. But nOw cOlD. LJ! ToMolO wIlL bE aNoThEr dAy of MiSeRy... wHeN cAn sChOol sTaRt lA! CB! No jOb aNd sTufF. i NeEd sOmEtHiNg tO oCcUpy mY mInE wItH. oR eLsE i wIlL rOt... oR eLsE i wIlL be tHiNkiNg of WeiRd sTufF! ShiT iT! FaRK iT! wHaT iS mY pRobLeM. SeNd mE a pSycHolOgIsT! nO aMoUnT oF sHopPiNg oR wHaT sHiT cAn filL uP tHiS hOlLow wItHiN mE. ThE hOlLoWnEsS cAuSe uNkNOwN. I WoNdEr wHat mY lIfE iS abOuT... wHat i hAvE beEn dOiNg foR thE paSt feW yeaRs. wHaT iT wAs FoR? MaYbe ThIs iS jUsT a tRiaL fOr tHiS sEaSon oF lEnT. ThE 40 dAyS oF tEmPtAtiOn JesUs eNdUrEd... AlL tHaT... mAyBe gOiNg bAck tO rElIgiOn wOrkS bEtTeR fOr tHiS tImE... wElL, tRuSt iN GoD in wAtevEr u dO. ThaT is wHaT wE aRe sUpPosEd tO dO... MaYbE tOnItE sHoUlD sEt aSidE sOmE tImE aNd dO sOmE rEfLecTiOn... PrAy a LiTtLe... aSk fOr gUiDaNcE a LiTtLe... a LiTtLe oF eVeRythInG. MaYbe thEn i cAn fInD out wHy i aM uNhaPpY... ... ... ... ...

9:03 PM

Monday, March 08, 2004

Me came back from outside... raining like crazy. Sian... So i went to get a haircut... i look damn weird. But i dun care... Cos at least my fringe is not irritataing me. And WTF... my ear is hurting like crazy... Cos the persons combed it twice. *OUCH* and it is red and swollen. F***!!! 2 days ago i hurt it... and now it is being hurt again. When will it ever heal in this manner. Wah!!! Maybe i should try to change it to come other studs. Then my sista thinks she is the queen of the house. Ask me to wash the dishes while doing brainless things herself. And when i went out, she ask me to buy her things. Wah!!! i think i rather stay out all day. Can someone help me get a JOB?! I need it.. emotionally and financially!!! okok... finished blogging.. i am going to get ice for my ears... *ouch*

4:12 PM

Friday, March 05, 2004

Haha! Huishi wanna see my blog... LOL!! okok... today i early mornin went to cycle... then went down curb... natural reaction try to get up... then fall down... LOL. Cos slid along curb. Then my leg now bleeding. LOL ok la...not so pain one la. Then afternoon went to eat the thomson prata... not as nice as the Jalan Kayu one la... but is edible. (what is not? -_-") Then went to look for Job... Fish and co ask me register online... then i cannot get thru... but huishi can... so she help me register (Thanz so much!!! MUACKS!!) And i go around some shops see see la... Then got this one is like... this old tiko and two girls sia... and the 2 girls still flirting with the tiko lao ban... but who cares... i need the money... so still got fill in the application. I see the newspaper arh... sian sia... all the job so weird one. Then got one lagi good... experience in gaming preferred... work in toys r us as promoter. LOL Neva moid... i will continue my search for a job. I need the money... i want new phone... laptop... clothes... blah blah... who dun one rite! Haha! okok... today is overall quite ok... but farnie sia... i today walk very not balanced... like mabo lidat. (diao... -_-") haha! okok... blog again soon... nitez!!

11:13 PM

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Hi everyone! Me back to blog. Today went to the SAR career centre again. Early morning went to photostate the BC... then KNN... reach there liao they say dun nid it. Wah! F*** sia! Then the two officers in charge sit there damn farnie one sia! Just check my application dia and then still ask me if i confirm think it over. Ah der! Of cos lah... My f*** sia! BMT is 3 Months!!! 3 MONTHS baby! i think i mite just end up a piece of black charcoal when i am back. LOL! But for now... still dun nid worry... heng sia! My life is super borin one la. Then got one thing today i really buay song! My mu bot the MEE rubus to my sis here. Then i eat liao lao sai! Then NVM... i lao half way MS LEE called... i rush to the phone sia! Then when i rushing... my sis the ex colleague still call and went crapping dunno wad. Then she say... eh... you not amy arh... sorry sia! WAH!!! irritating know! Anyway, MS lee say must go back then handle the termination of studies in YJC then can officially not go back to sch. I think i wanna go one day in the early morning and chor bo! Haha! Anyway, i miss the people there la. Maybe go there whole day sip coffee then in the afternoon then go and handle the thing at the General Office. LOL! Then maybe bring camera and take more photos! Haha! I am looking for a job... but har... u know... haven find. Got this LOTR one... but must be a LOTR fan... which i assume should know the story... which i dun know... and u know... haha! COs that exhibition is 3 months. Just nice until poly starts sia! haha! aiyo... NVM... i go and look fer other job... haha! Tada! i am slacking whole day here!!!

6:04 PM

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Wah!!! Today kan pua sian! Went to the SAF career centre today. Then they ask me take back form and fill up + photostate my result + photostate my BC + print my course choice. Wah! Got me so kan chiong! But anyway, my choices are...
1st: Aeronautical engineering (SP)
2nd: Aerospace technology (NP)
3rd: Aerospace electronics (SP)
4th: Electronics, computer and communication (NYP)
5th: Electronics, computer and communication (SP)
and i left the others blank. LOL! Cos my bro in law also say can get in hao le ma... hope can get in the first or second one! LOL! I today very sian... nothing to do... kip on thinking wad course i want... In the end still the few choices. haha! Then have to help Kai register cos he dun have JAVA thing... then i stress sia... scared anything wrong hor... my fault liao sia! *Scared=P* But in the end still help la. Haha! Then tok to huishi. She very poor thing... always dunno what to say to *ahem... Then she also paiseh. Then today she poor thing got headache... then still kana the neighbour nonsense... Then i read liao wanna msg her she log off liao. Then hp msg her she neva reply. Must be pissed off liao... siao liao. Then i here chor bo again... arh... tomolo stilol have to go to the SAF career centre hand in the form. So i think i confirm go in liao la. Anyway, BMT is after the poly ma. So i now still no nid worry. LOL! =D I hope i can get really good results sia... so that i can dun go to ulu camp and service ulu planes... =P Filled in the applications form liao. Put in the super farnie pic i got when i was sec3... the face pimple all so obvious one somemore! Haha! Dun care la. Who really bothers anyway! LOL when approve liao still going to give me pass not going to use this face... LOL! Hope everything goes well sia! Haha! Pray hard that everything goes well and i can pass everything... LOL! Blog some other time liao...

11:08 PM

I am feeling so damn tired. But i can't get to sleep. I was sleeping fine. Until some farkin mosquitoes came to bite me and it swelled like crazy. I am now talking to buyi online. That psycho still not asleep at this hour. But good... at least got someone to tok to. I went to look for the Gothika movie the end that song. I found out. It was Behind Blue Eyes. The tune is very nice... but if u see the lyrics it is quite violent lidat leh... the guitar intro is very nice sia... haha! i crazy liao. I think i am in denial sia... i think of my hammie and i can still laf. Now that i am alone. The sadness and pain starts to sink in. I am havin serious mood swings. Haiz... I am so very weird. I dun wan people to change their attitude towards me as well... i can still survive. I am going out at 9 to go and ask bout the SAF thingy. And i still can't sleep now. Listening to songs online and stuff... It's not that my parent's dun want to support me. But i think their old age makes it extremely difficult. I can still survive now. Can still spend money... but i think financial security is one thing that i cannot confirm in my older years. And i have to work in that case. Arh... i dunno... my father is complaining bout old age and stuff... and he is working to support my bro and me onli. WTF. i dunno what i am thinking bout. My mind in such a whirl. Later in the day will be bringing the bike to fix on the headlights and rear blinkers for the nite cycling thing. Dunno why they say cannot ask outside people to join in the cycling. i think it will be a better experience. Dunno... maybe they have a good reason for it. But it is going to be on the 17 march. And the end point is at hougang there. i wanna have breakfast there liao then bring the bicycle back. If not i think i faintz. I hope i have the energy to bring it back. If not, find kaingan's home and leave it here.=P Since nearer than my own home anyway. Hougang to Bishan. Not THAT far la. But i wonder if i will have that much energy after one whole nite of cycling... Charging my phone still... wait for it to finish charging then i go and try to sleep. It will be quite a long day. Gotta register and stuff... ya... maybe i will blog again later... ... ...

3:55 AM

-SomEtHinG aBouT AnDreA-
NamE: AndReA GaBriElLe TaN
ScHoOl: SinGaPorE PolYteChNiC
CouRsE: AeRoNauTiCaL EngIneErInG
LoVeS: My FrIenDs n FaMilY EvErY OnE Of TheM n oF CoS mY DeaResT DeaR
MeLtZ: IcE-CrEaM, ChoCoLatE, My MoTheR n GraNdmA’S CoOkinG
VaLuEs: My SoFt ToYs, PhOnE, mY FrIENds N FaMilY, My DeaR, THAT BoTtLe Of StArS, mUh ChiP n DaLe, ThiS LiTtLe ThiNg ThaT SpArKlEs
CaSiO ExIlIm Z57
NoKiA 6230i
SonY PsP
ColOrEd CoNTaCt LenSeS
MaZdA 6/ SuBaRu ImpReZa
WoNdeRfUlLy pErFeCt ReSuLtS FoR this SeM

-LiTtLe DaRlInKs-
JaCiNdA DoTtEr


-Little Past-
02/01/2004 - 03/01/2004 03/01/2004 - 04/01/2004 04/01/2004 - 05/01/2004 05/01/2004 - 06/01/2004 06/01/2004 - 07/01/2004 07/01/2004 - 08/01/2004 08/01/2004 - 09/01/2004 09/01/2004 - 10/01/2004 10/01/2004 - 11/01/2004 11/01/2004 - 12/01/2004 12/01/2004 - 01/01/2005 01/01/2005 - 02/01/2005 02/01/2005 - 03/01/2005 03/01/2005 - 04/01/2005 04/01/2005 - 05/01/2005 05/01/2005 - 06/01/2005 06/01/2005 - 07/01/2005 07/01/2005 - 08/01/2005 08/01/2005 - 09/01/2005 09/01/2005 - 10/01/2005 10/01/2005 - 11/01/2005 11/01/2005 - 12/01/2005 12/01/2005 - 01/01/2006 02/01/2006 - 03/01/2006 03/01/2006 - 04/01/2006

-LiL FoOt PrInTs!-
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