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Saturday, May 22, 2004

some things just dun really turn out that rite ya. mmM... well.. today went for boli birthday party... was quite fun. saw many people i have not seen for like millions of years. Wahaahah! ya. Then today.. my niece is born. ya. i mean 21 of may 2004. Whahaahah! So nice. Soo sooo nice!! Ya... so many things in a day ya. haha! See la. I am tired already leh. Sianz. The nite is still young. And ya. Kaingan. You can hate me all u want. Hating me is ur choice and not mine. I dun realli care. Oh ya.. if u dun mind, find one day return me my vcd and pouch ya. I miss them badly. Thanz. Hahaa!! Now i have a new godbro... introducing Alan!! Wahahah! Hi bro!! Looking at my blog?! ;) LoL! I wanna go and get my self alot of things... all my clothes are getting old. And there is this new rule that i cannot wear black to work. -_- wonder why huhz... NVM. hahaa! Gotta go work tomolo morning. Good that boss give me half day off. From 3 onwards. Wahahaah! Nuthing much to elaborate on nowadays. Going to sleep soon. *yawnz* BB!!

1:30 AM

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Somebody save me!!! I andrenalin is shooting now. I am very very excited... but i have no idea over wad! Arhz!!!!! Someone kill me!!! den after that i know that Alan is havin some trouble. Haiz. also dunno wad. Feel like so bad justnow leh. But now i am getting a bit crazy. My heart is pounding realli hard!!! Toking to huishi. I dunno where the energy is coming from.. and m com is goin gto shut down at 130. So i am bloody typing this in 5 min or less. Arhzzz!!! Today went out la. Then follow alan to taka. and i went to borders to buy a book while he went to do his hair. ANyway... free vouher from my aunt la! Then i am like a bit of a sadist now... i am listening to all the heavy songs int he middle of he nite. Also dunno what the fark is happening to me! Hahaha! Dunno Dunno DUNNO!!!! arhz... the andrenalin is pumpin... arhz!!!! i also dunno what i am doing already! Fark it! Today celebrated mother's day by having dinner together with family. Flad to have a family la. My bro din com tho. Dunno la! Heck him la! Den is like i have to shut down my com liao lo. Sian lia! Aiyo!!!! my mind is in a super super whirl! Someone just shoot me!!! Arhz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FARK IT!!

1:24 AM

Thursday, May 06, 2004

hahaha! Hi everyone! i am baq! Just read buyi's blog... really realise that we are drifting apart ya.. sian... now everyone is working... so is like... neva get tto see wach other too. Haiz. BUYI!! if u are reading this.. one day we must go out gai gai ok! And may be ask Lay yin and wanting along worz! And huishi also... nowadays also like alot of things happening... must update me hor! Also find one day we all go out! Waahaha! Find kenny they all also... wahaha!! Yester saw BOLI... and got his handphone no. Buyi.. u jealous?! wahaha! ;P Work... nowadays... i also dunno why. Not happy with the new worker... Like a flower vase. Those people who i told know what i mean la. Wahah! Well... have to pick up after her. And the boss also very clever... always put my shift after hers. So i have to clear up. Cos i one of those who know how things work liao ma. Waahahah! One thing i am thankful off is that i still have a job la... the next is that the boss trust me. So for this two... i realli must thank God liao la. not onli for the good things la... And everything that i have lo. Realise that alot of things are being missed out... like friends and family lo... long time neva sit down tok tok. Then sat will have a family gathering. Heez. Friends... got time call me worz... got time i also wanna spend time with all of ya and have fun! Heez! Long time neva play pool liao.Heez... BLOODY MOSQUITOES BIT ME!! and now i am itching. Yuck... suckerz. =X eh... the are leh. LoL! hahaha! Well... i got my phone liao la... still not sure of alot of function la... will figure them out slowli... haha! Sp offering me engineering maths dip. wonder whether to take it up or not leh. MmMmm... someone tell me!! hahaha! And that shit head that is using people's nick is striking again. wahahaha! so many things that he idiot does not know... and still dare to play ard. Huishi's birthday is not in may u bloody fool!! hahah! And i will not tag on huishi's tagboard bout her birthday one. Cos she is my darling... if u r ard.. u will see me giving her kisses and hugz on the spot. Wad kinda fren just give u a tag board msg. BLoody asshole! Even if i msg also on handphone... and usually bery special one horx... it is in a form of mms or else it will be sent to u at 12 midnite when it is ya birthday. Think i so insincere meh! Siao kia! My friends and family mean alot to me... so no matter wad... something special will be attempted.. tho sometimes no time. then i really very sorry sia. mMmM... btw... if the bloody idiot who like to irritate people by using their names to type crap, if i find out who u are... u will get it from me. (kaingan... u find out liao also must find me i help u go and beat that asshole up) And huishi... I LOVE U!! haha! okok... will have to go to work soon liao still crapping here,.. k... see ya all!!! Bye bye!!! ;)

3:03 PM

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

WoW! maybe i have made the riht choice of not staying in a JC. Davin has appealed succesfully to SP infocomm tech! Good luck dude! Well, Huishi... i think u can make it la. Dun wori! And if that bugger dares to make any trouble for u... dun hesitate to call us la. We will all be there for u! Had and is still busy with work. But nevertheless... still had some time to handle some things for poly and go out and watch some movie or something. Wahahah! Well, pls do not bother to go and watch the stupid show bout vampires and stuff... the DAWN OF THE DEAD. Bloody comedy sia. Bad bad storyline... BWG... haha! Well, nowadays the work shifts getting shorter and shorter. Haiz. Sianed. I rather work long hours sia. I dun mind lo. Cos if it is that way then at least i wun be so bored as to blog here and not earn any money. I need the money sia. The feeling of having spare cash that u can use for something u like feels good. By the way... i do not have any spare cash actualli... the $$ is going to be used for a laptop when i go to poly. And to those blardy pampered kids out there who do not pay for your own things.... u will never have this satisfaction of having something that you have worked for k! :P I am getting X70 anyway... nice phone ya. But den... i hope i can use it for at least 2 years sia. Wahaha! it is a nice phone. Heez... big screen sia. And i sooo miss the people... huishi... jasmine... and all my friends out there... must meet up during the june hol k! Miss ya all like crazy. Now is like... nvm. Nowadays work at Bishan is realli warm... cos outdoor and still gotta wear uniform. Haiz. If i do not have to wear uniform still ok. Wah... nearly whole week also J8... but also ok la.. since i am paid for that. But i so hope i can work full time leh. Then at least i can get paid more. Wahahaah! Sometimes i wonder why things happen this way. So not me. Bleah... nvm. Just live life happy. Wahahahahah! okok... buggers... KEEP OFF!!! wahahaha! dun come and irritate me hor. Me nowadays bery happy. But irritate me and i show no mercy... farkerz! wahahahaah! that's all for now. Byeeeeeeee

12:15 PM

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Hahahaha! Bloggin after millions of years. SooOoOo many events happened that i am unable to handle. Wahaha! But they are nothing but nice ones... so i am happy la! Wahaha! Well, today was ok. Went down to heeren to see the gethin jones for the poly check up... in the end they ask me to go to the one at raffles place. Sianz la. Then in the end only ended at bout 230 lidat. Then went down to PS to meet alan. Watch dawn of the dead. Real time comedy sia! See no head or tail out of it as well. Wahahaha! Neva mind. Davin ponned sch today. and went to play lan... -_-" Win liao lo. Wahhaah! Din meet him in the morning cos of the change of location for the clinic. Wahahah! Finally bot the curtain i wanted for my room!! Heez. Then after that.. went to fight with aunties or bread at crystal jade bakery. LoL! Really BWG! WAhahaha! Den kuri kuri no longer at the B1 liao. Haiz. Now at the BYSI shop there. Sianz. Open space. tomolo most prob wear halter liao. If not... sweat like crazy...Wahahah!Eventful week. And ya... i few days earlier... interestin sia. Got davin... kaingan... herman they all come down Junction 8. Wahaha! Alot of things la. Got new girl also. She dunno is it attitude problem or is it just lidat lo. Cos St nic girl ma. usually got some prob one. wahaah! meaning the face only la. haha!okok... also BWG le. Thanx alan for dinner... i still smell it in my burp. =X Wahaha! Someone help me!!! i cannot survive without cold drinks or ice cream for a day!!! ARGZ!!!

12:29 AM

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