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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

LaLaLa... long time never blog le. Today Eileen invite me to her birthday party.. but i din go.. partly cos i scared i later busy... partly also i lazy. :P I nowadays B.O.R.E.D. Cos i never work for this whole week. Can say is semi quit le. Not say i realli wanna quit... aiya mixed feelings. My niece is getting cuter and cuter la. Heez... Love her so dearly...Den is like nowadays also dunno go out or wad la. Haiz. Sunday just went to the FO bbq. Quite interestin la. Dunno whether to join the club notz. Never mind. Hahaha! Going for church camp in 2 days time. Selection for SAF also in 2 days time. Wahaha!! i am getting busy le. school startin. i am getting excited as well as scared. Cos i have forgotten all that i have learnt. =X Work Work already never go study ma... So everything also forget le. How... tell me how... den eileen de present i haven go buy also. intend to buy tonite de. But dunno leh... sianz la. And huishi... one day we go out k... everytime either u no time or i no time... tsk... :D kk... so this update tells u all that from fri to sun i will not be online la hor... So have fun!!

8:11 PM

Friday, June 11, 2004

Lalala... just a chaota piece of meat that returned from camp. haha! Well.. it was fun. having onli 6 girls and 35 guys... ya... it;s that pathetic no of girls in that camp. Hahaha!!!! Well... was in a grp named dynamite sausage. Obviously... slogan... may explode anytime. LoL!! :D Well... they are a group of good peeps la. Farnie... and fun. Talk cock is our main objective la horz... =) Games... fun... all that. For my group... we are realli nice in terms of games and physical stuff... but for things like making up cheers.. oh c'mon.. we suck. LoL! But nevertheless... it was nice wrecking our brains ya. Surprisingly.. the food for camp was good... well... better that my sister's confinement food rite?! LoL!!!! Well... my group is cool... and made me feel reallo part of te team.. not left out being the onli girl. Heez. :) and girls got the advantage... we no nid to become drawn. heez. And on the last nite.. it was disco nite la.. haha!! and after that... sabo team came to work on the sleeping logs of human beings. Ya... they were carried.. drawn... disfugured... wadever u call it. WAahahaha!! Fun. A camp without any teachers... no rules... yupz. Nice. first time i went for this kinda thing. LoL! They say that we had to walk thru a cemertery on the first nite... mmm... also dunno if it is true. o.O? den got some other games la... Well... it was nice being a team. :D We got to sabo peeps... even the seniors la.. hahah!!! ok... but din sleep on the last nite in case kana sabo also. so was very very tired... hahaa!!! Slept on the ferry... went to SP... still very tired.. hahah!! Then went home... took a bath... okok.. the next thing i knew.. i was on the bed for 15 hours. Heez... 6pom till 9am. Shiok! nO disurbance. well... boss called me and i din answer.. and he was so worried he got someone to cover my shift so i dun have to work. O.O!! okok... that is wad happen. Well...during the camp... i missed huishi manz... Love Ya darling!! den... my gors and peeps out there la... as well as this old cok cok comp. Heez... fun la. okok... sleeping soon... Take care peeps.. C'ya!!

1:01 AM

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Today is the first of june ya. Sianz. Today supposed to work. But earli in the morning see black... and fell down the stairs. My butt hurts... along with my back. Haiz. Activities will have to be cancelled. Wanted to go beach... cycle... play pool... tomolo... vesak day. Now how?! haiz. Then in the end the stall open like blardy late. Still my fault. Somemore got wad huh?! okok... at least i had a good weekend la. Fri went with ash to play pool to=ill late in the nite. Hee... Then sat got people de wedding. But wad makes me happier is meeting huishi in the afternoon. Had SWENSONS!!! LoL! haha! So happy sia. hah! Then went for the wedding dinner. Well.. it was nothing realli special. Got me all tired the next day. which is sunday. In which i went to church and then still have to work in the nite. Got new people la. Then kuri kuri got like 11 girls already... so i think i will be quitting soon le. haha!

2:57 PM

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