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Friday, July 23, 2004

Oh ya.. and sorri to Danny... just now lost ur striker. sibei paiseh la. Today if those i dun mean to hurt got hurt... sorry la. PMS or something... dunno why.... realli sorri to those i dun mean to hurt... To those i am originalli irritated with... FORGET IT. *TOOOOT*

11:52 PM

arhzzz!!! dunno why today feeling so weird... Mood swings plus fatigue engulfed me. sometimes feel damn fucked up... and other times i feel ok. -_- Realli have nothing to say. hmm... sometimes... think it ish PMS la... Feel damn loneli and left out in class. Felt darn farkin shitty. Sux. Den after that SOMEONE came and irritate me further. Wah kao! KNNBCCB! i nearli KI SIAO. but after that went to funan and bugis there to go and collect prices for the prizes required for MM day lucky draw. Yah... with mummy and dannyphoon. ok la.. initialli think ish PMS again... felt damn farked up la... Den dunno wad la. After that feel ok le... but ish still tired la. haiz... dunno wad ish goin on leh. Collect ok price le go bugis der the hawker centre to go eat. ate char kway teow... nice. Haha! Den after that.. hmm... chor bo lo... go home la... and yah.. i ate ice cream! Muahaha! Darnoe why... why the f*** females have PMS. WTF. SUX. Cos it is causing me great misery. Those who got it from me b4 will know what the shit i mean. Not that i am tryin to be mean. Hmm... i can have good mood la... even not good mood usualli ish also quite nice de... but whenever ish PMS... cannot control. so out of control. so out of reach. so far away. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! dunno la. Things already happen.. hope this stage goes off quickly. Nowadays... usualli very happi la.. so other than today... i tink i have been quite happi. sia la! Heck. And so many things happen. So many weird things. SO So So many. That i canot find the answer to it.  And those who realli think u r the kings of the world... u sux. Whoever u r. Cos i am usualli nice and i will give in. BUT today i am not in this mood... so u SUX. So So confusing... arhz... and i know i cannot tell anyone. so... ARHZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!  Hope i get pass this stage ASAP. ****!!!

11:40 PM

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Sibei paiseh... so long nv blog le.. actualli, too busy la. u think i so much time come here tok tok anything i want meh. Haaha! well... today went out with mabel, jobell, candy and jess... realli had great fun lo. Long time nv realli tok to them. Find out how they are all that... like alot of thing i realised as well. Haiz. i was blind. but now i see again. Underestimated and underpriced.. that is wad we are. hahaa! nothing la hor. :D Glad to see mabel progressin well... and jess is in NYP. she not bad sia. so fast buy so many text le. muahha! i am bored now. haha! nothing much to do. feel like sleepin le. haha! :P tired leh. tml still gotta go sch... got to go MMEC... dunno what occasion... den i decidin whether to join lion dance. Jess in dragon boat. Cool sia! haha! aiya... nothing much to say. brain is lazy le. switching off... sleeping le. ahah! :P nitex! bb!

12:46 AM

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