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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Muahahah! Here i am to blog again. hEe Hee!! Well... today is realli a nice day manz... ;) at first was actualli quite pissed off by that Jun An.. realli hopeless case of disrespect to the people around him. ATTITUDE PROBLEM SIA!! Den after that i angry until afternoon. oopx... =X Den after that i very happy le la... :D
Well... now ish like doing the project about file sharing for Character development... kaoz... i tot engineering no such thing leh... in the end... still got. -.- so boring n meaningless to me... i already say i engineering... so wadever i have seen in sec sch i dun like to repeat they understand notz... like another civic and moral class sia.. zZzzZZz!!!! FIght the Z monster ya! Den ish like file sharing... everyone does it nowadays ma... so must argue my way around.. print info all that.. waste my ink... i thot my printer used for printing mock papers and all the practises... in the end use for this kinda thing... not worth sia! haha! like i realli hate CD huhz... But i realli dun think it is practical la.. This kinda thing we also know how to say den dun realli do de. Oops... =X
Aiyo... today mummy go work.. den club not many people... play carrom with daniel and HZ... in the end win 2 lose 2. LOl!! Ok la... playin for the fun of it. :) Den like club... all people disappeared... mummy go work... den stepdad -.- play with spider... den cause it to lose it's fangs and 1 of its legs... *shake head* chek arh orh... :D jokin la.. hee!! but very fun la.. the spider provide alot of entertainment. Den JB they all wanna play me... take flower wanna put in my hair take photo. -.-" But in the end he video the whole process cos i was like Ki siao. LoL! well... today was fun... and ya... it ish nice... Very nice.. :D

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Heh Heh... so long never blog le.. got miss me notz!! haha! Paiseh la.. busy lately.. nowadays still busy... So many things to do.. that i dun even have mood to blog. :D well, for one thing is i haven realli done any official homework from the start of sch till now. -.- haha! Well, MM is fun!! loLx! mummy la.. gen la... all teach me how to do alot of things. hee!!! Quite nice la. Den ish like nowadays... banner banner and banner!! lOlx! tomorrow.. go sch... den will go find lecturer bout the prize thingy, den have booth duty from 2 to 3. haha! So will be stuck at FC4 there.. go find me horz! And ya.. MM day coming soon.. 1 more month... gettin more nad more intense le.. so many things... got time go find Mr and Ms le.. if not people not enuf to choose from. haha! Got some yandao de wor!!! Mama is usualli paiseh. loLx! Wun go ask guy de... :D but no choice le.. gotta THICK SKIN!!! so that can get more people!! Haha! I think i better start studyin soon... if not... scared sia... =X must jia you!!! Heheh!!! Poly life is like passin so quickly... 6 weeks pass le... better buck up!!! ANDREA!!! BUCK UP!!!!!
Anyway... yesterday, my grandmother from my father side there pass away... ya... i seem like nothing happen hor.=X but i not very close to them. Not that i fan lian bu ren ren... but i realli not close. When i am in need of anything... they were not there... and when they were in need of anything. i also not there... to be fair... we were'nt there for each other AT ALL!!! With them... i feel that i have to be on guard.. to stand on my toes... and to make sure they DON'T MESS AROUND WITH ME!!! Yesterday i did go to the wake... but i left after like 2 hours. I dunno... death?? is it bad? i dunno.. cos my grandmother was sufferin la.. so dying... actualli is something like a relieve ba. Depends on your thinkin lo. Den ish like the relative.. dun even realli recognise my presence... when i come... they COMMAND my mother to do things. WT*! C'mon... they were mean to my mother b4 i was even born.. and now.. at a WAKE... they are still as MEAN?! WOW! I have nothing to say!! I take my hat of to them! I dunno la... yester i kan bu xia qu le... den i decide to go home. HOME... WHERE PEOPLE CARE FOR ME!!! WHERE DOGS DUN EAT DOGS... somemore i am HUMAN!!! WHO ARE THE DOGS MAN!!
ya.. just now was a little emotional stuff... so u all read le den read le ba... no nid to come n say anything comfortin to me.. i am used to this kinda stuff... in whichever sense u read it. :D So you all take care ya... hope i can get some time to kip updatin my blog AFAP... tata!!! HAVE FUN AND TAKE CARE PEEPS!!! :D

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