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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

OkaY... I gEt jEaLoUs EAsIlY. I gEt mOrE aND mOrE iNvOlVeD. i Am A VINEGAR POT. period.

11:38 PM

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Haiz... me so bored today. XP slept for 18 hours le.. pig ba... yester sleep till today 12... den from 5 sleep to 8. *yawns* haiz... what a kinda life i have when i dun go out or do anything. Haha! Well, MM day ish over le.. I also hav no idea whether it is a success or failure. Cos alot of things cock up... den ish like... Emcee KNS. -.- tsk... but if u looking from audience pt of view ish still passable la. haiz.. i also dunno. Now got somethings like not settled leh... like lecturer tokens disappear. ooPs.. siao liao. i personalli dun realli like thngs cos that MAMIT... arsehole said some stuff bout MM club, he ish SHIT. ok. den after that i also cock up la. Like never kip MAMIT in check and dunno where to stand during the 2nd lucky draw.
but later part of the day more fun ba.. cos ish like they all play and start to strip people la. Nearli all the guys got stripped.. LOlx! Danny also... BIRTHDAY BOI.. cannot let him run sia. Lolx! but he kanna hit at the shin there i think... poor thing sia... birthday kanna this kinda thing. But he also got a chip and dale soft toy.. LOlx! Shawn buy de. :D den they strip people for 3 hours.. happy le then go home le. Haha! Realli lar.. i think it is quite a crazy life leh.. i think if i had chosen to go JC.. sureli wun get to have such fun de. haha!
Thursday. i basicalli dun feel like going sch.. den got engring Materials test also.. den i never study.. so mite ass well not go. :P so i took MC and stayed at home sleep. terence and me pak kat la.. den after that i realised danny also never go sch... Lol! All pOn!! Toast to all PONNERS! LOlx! But den i think MM day alot of things got prob.. like tix not accounted for and wad la...
fridays lo... Danny treat us all to staff centre de food. Haha! Nice wor! But that day.. KNS... i kip on lao sai-ing... morning i eat le lao... den after the treat i still go Lao.. dun eat dun lao... den eat le will lao... sianz la... Den went for industrial visit at SASCO... i realised that my future will be one that will be challenging sia.. i have to constantly upgrade and pursue never ending license and degrees... so that i can be a top notch engineer... Then i sign on SAF.. they say after that difficult to find job le... cos need some other commercial airplane license to find job.. Cos fighter plane... difference country will have different plane.. den no one would want another person from anothey country to be working with their planes anyway... Looks like i will be stuck at RSAF. But it is ok.. i am PROUD to be a SINGAPOREAN!! haha den stayed in sch slack and do some stufff till like 830 lidat.. haha! Den went for dinner.. i lao till i hungry like siao. haha! Den dear follow me go eat lo... eat porridge.. den still dun allow me eat chilli.. so sad... poridge no taste.. but i understand why la... cos later i mite get stomach upset la...
i am still bored. *yawns*
DArlInG HuiShi... I am missing you like crazy...
DeAr dEaR... I Love You k... :)

10:31 PM

Sunday, September 12, 2004

danny n mama!! Note his new hair ;P Posted by Hello

1:54 PM

me n mama!! Posted by Hello

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mama n papa Posted by Hello

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Daniel yunsi and Paul... Posted by Hello

10:38 PM

me at Kbox.. haha!! Posted by Hello

9:34 PM

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

ReD aLeRt!! CoMmAnD BaSe FoUnD!! AlL To EvAcuAtE In 30 SeCoNdS! RuN MaTeS!!! DANGER!!!!!!!

10:23 PM

Sunday, September 05, 2004

haahahaa!! Today ish sunday le... den in another 3 min should be mon le. Tml gotta go sch sia... sports fest meetin. Den i also dnno why... Rue msg say go breakfast at 9... KNN so earli de?! den dear how... tml msg la... siao liao... ok la... blog bout today. Mornin went church lo.. haha! Den ish like... hmm... bitz left out ba.. But also niamind.. cos i also not close. Haha!
den went to bugis to meet Jac and june... discuss bit bout the CIP thingy... den went to buy tings at concourse for the kids... Den went to meet dear lo... since he got bitz time.. den walk walk.. sianz.. nothingt o walk de la.. hah! den went to J8... den went home... had a super filling dinner. Den i do the CD assignment due er... dunno when la.. LOlx! k la... niamind liao.. nth to say le... lazy la.. den chattin also tada!

11:55 PM

Friday, September 03, 2004

Wahaha! today.. hmm... start of the day is calculus.. my oh my.. tml got calculus test.. i dunno anyting at all lo.. Siao liao la... Den ish like at bout 145 lidat... kana dulan by my clas the people.. not my business tell them hurry up liao they ignore me.. WTF... Den in the end i dun care go out and slam door. Haha! Realli know.. the ROBIN arhz... attitude me sia.. dunno wad the F he thinking lo.. Say i assistant class rep very free.. den ish like he also like to 'qiang feng tou' den that time dun wan be the class rep. WTH. Now is my fault liao la. Tok to him nicely he face black black... In wad.. campus crusade. -.- I got nothing to say sia. Figure it out urself la. I dun like him. Neither does he like me. I dun care. Fark. And others like po yuang la... tok so much... crap and crap... sometimes too noisy. but still ok la. cos he nv come nad make me dulan. If not i show the class my colors liao. Piss me off enuf i shall piss the class off. Bloody shit they have!
okok... now the happi stuff... Went to audi lo.. den after that went to queensway to buy balls and trophies.. So fun ... we so irritatin sia.. go di hsiao people.. look at girls and all tat. haha! Den the balls are sooooo good.. i shall test run them. Wahaha! Whole week go sch play bball... anyway.. sch no one.. wun malu.. haha! Kk...
Come back.. den i wanna go sweep floor at club... DH bake cheese cake... den ish like halfway i sweep floor YH come and gimme cheese cake. paiseh la... i very chek arhz.. i spit the cake out.. cos taste a lil weird and it is too sweet for me le. i cannot take it. Den after that went out to the SAC foyer to Celebrate CM birthday. haha! he very farnie.Den went home liao
Anyway.. dear dear... today nv give u ur daily dose of 'I love you'... now u sleeping le... but i am still going to write.. "I LOVE YOU" :) KK.. Nitex!!! Maucks!

11:05 PM

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

todaay is wed le... i am so worried bout er.... calculus test on sat... cos it is so difficult compared to eengineering math... haha! ok ok i shall jia you k...
hee... wad to blog arz...
well... today is teachers day lo... den yesterday pon sch half day to go back to Zhonghua to see teahers... Mrs koh is still so... er... cute. LoLx! Den wah... saw yisheng.. jsamine... clarence.. eileen.... zhiyong hey all la... haha! So nice den i went down withthem to orchard... den after a while, went to meet darling huishi. Hee... den went down suntec... cos she wanna see lessie boi.. Lol! :P Den in the end... tot to myself wana go hoome at 4... In the end.. onli got home at 8...haiz... this is me. Lolx!
kk... today was boring ba... workshop an calcuclus... things ok la... but den... after that got the stupid aids tok. Nothing much de lo. Stooopid! thaat woman say... dun haf sex... den after that she say... use protection if needed. -.-"~ best is dun do la... WTF. Den watch the heap video bout sex... -.- Realli will pengs... actualli that stupid TING say that i was late... de mark me ass abbsent... toopid ASS... den after that my class help me.. den he mark me here.. Hee... if not i will walk out in front of his face sia. after the aids talk thingy... haha! Went to LT17A and played hide and seek... nicknamed BeeBeE... aha! Annual game played after the general meeting.. haha! hat was sooo fun.. so farnie lo. haha! den we hidde under chair... climb around... lOl...
ya... den went home... Deardear send me home lo... hee... 12 days le... i know sometimes i mood swings... haha.. but he took it... Love you so much... Muacks! :)

10:27 PM

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