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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Have been thinking and thinking.. sometimes i wonder why i am so lazy... exams are here and yet i do not have any mood to study. Hiaz.. still can blog here huh...
Yesterday saturday...
never study at all.. was playing online games... if not i was slacking the whole day. Never realli bothered to do any revisions... Woke up at 12 in the afternoon... was online all the way other than the times that msn was under mainainence. YOU did not talk to me... ok... anyway.. sat wasted... so shitty...
Today woke up... go church... but was quite pissed when i was awoken b4 my time by sesames street in the living rm. was forced out of my cosy nest at 850... and was forced yet again out of the toilet. Yeap. OK... so i went to church... after that went down to mummy's (my real biological one) place.. and slacked till who knows when. Got back and i am online again.
Love to quote this... "W stands for WRONG!" Haha! Yeah...
Anyway... people who do not understand what i am... u most probably will not understand unless u get to know me more. Can just leave the impression as the "bloody bitch" if u want.. cos i think i most probably are one anyway... EvIl mE... WaHAhAh!
Getting bored... yawns... heck care...
better go study liao lar... haiz... CALCULUS! LAI SB... sometimes i wonder when u will ever post the sample exam paper... BITE YOU! =.=
Bleah... go study already...
*Talk to my hand*

5:06 PM

Saturday, October 30, 2004

There was a couple by the name of mich and peter... mich was very shy.. and always had to wait for peter to initiate before she responds.. sometimes... she does not even wanna respond. Because she dares not. And mich does not often express how much she loves peter. Although Peter was the one who always initiates everything, there are time he felt very tired... and the fact that mich does not respond sometimes just makes him feel very exhausted. Sometimes he even wonders if she even loved him.
Even though they are a sweet couple that loves each other... Mich is afraid of letting people know about her relationship... because it was her first.. and she never knew how her parents would react. Judging by the fact that her sister was grounded for a long time and there were huge fights that occurred when her parents found out that her sister was having a BF.
Mich preferred not to hold hands with peter in the public... the onli time they could get realli close was in the cinemas.. where they know people would not bother them and where mich knows that her parents will not be around.
Peter was a totalli different personality. He likes to express hw much he loves mich by holding her and and giving her light pecks on the cheeks. He was not afraid of letting other people find out about their relationship.. because he knows that love is something from the heart and love is something that should not be hidden... although he respects mich's decision to kip it a secret.
And so.. they continued such a relationship for many years... 5 yrs in fact...
Mich is now 22 and peter is already 23... Peter decided that maybe it is time that they broke the news that they are together to their families... Mich... still as meek and frightened as ever... wanted him to wait for a longer time... Peter respected her decision although he thinks that the time is ripe for everyone to know...
Peter always sent mich home... but to avoid meeting her parents.. he would always take the back lane...
On this fateful day... when he was sending mich home.. he saw mich's parents at the back lane... Mich was afraid... and asked him to hide somewhere at the side while she walked home on her own. Mich then saw her parents and went up to her apartment with them. Unknown to everyone... there were a group of robbers at the side walk waiting to prance upon someone. Knowing then that peter is alone, the robbers were delighted and decided to attack him. They went up to the unsuspecting peter at the side lane with a gun and threatened him to surrender all the valuables that he had... Peter resisted... because in his wallet and phone were all the memories and pictures that he had of Mich and him. So he fought... tired of all the fighting, the robbers decided that it was easier to kill him. So with a bang, peter fell... he was shot in the heart.
Mich heard the gun shot.. it was too loud to be missed... thinking back that peter was at the side lane, she called his handphone... onli to be cut off. She became very worried and continued calling.. to find his handphone turned off. Her parents who were by her side saw her flustered and asked her what happen... she dashed out of the door without answering them... and ran to the side lane where peter was hiding. Her parents ran after her... wondering what happened to their daughter. Mich heard groans at the side lane... she recognised those groans... it was peter. She ran towards him... the distance seemed to be forever. Tears rolled down her eyes as she saw her beloved bleeding so badly... she held him in her arms and touched his forehead.. which was cold with sweat from the pain he was suffering... Upon seeing peter, mich's parents called the ambulance.
Peter knew he could not make it anymore.. he grabbed Mich's hands... and called out to her... with his last breath, he said "I love you" and fell dead... The ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital, and he was pronounced dead at 2 am in the morning.
Mich was in agony... she had never thought that this would happen. if only if she did not ask him to hide... if only she invited him for tea.. if only if only... Mich could not forgive herself...
oblivious to her, Mich's parents had known bout the relationship long ago... they did not opposed to it... they were onli waiting for mich to tell them... they stood at the side of the hospital... agonised by the pain that their daughter was suffering... ... ...

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Friday, October 29, 2004

OK mum.. trying out orange. :D
This sucks man... i was taking the toilet rolls out of the cupboard when the pepsi bottle fell and burst. The whole floor was full of pepsi. FaRk! I shall now educate people on the importance of NOT TAKING carbonnated drinks! FIRST... IT IS HIGH IN SUGAR. SECOND... IT IS FULL OF USELESS CARBO CONTENTS... THIRD... IT IS MORE EXPENSIVE OR ON PAR WITH DRINKS THAT ARE HEALTHIER... FOURTH... IT IS NOT A DRINK TO QUENCH THIRST... etc etc...
ok... my day... today had etech.. it was an alrite paper.. i just hope i did not do anything weird to make things wrong. haha! yeah... and so i went to club with Mac after that... Had a fillet o fish... and started to do work... math and calculus.. i am so SCREWED... cos i dunno how to do many questions.. Arhz... irritatin... So ended up playing Daidi with JiaBao, Rue and SPSU james... Lol! play play lo.. first time playing k... haha! i nv knew how to play that thing. yeah... After that went down to Orchard and chor bo lo. Sianz...
My sis say can book Sentosa the coasta sands for 99 bucks.. she dunno wanna book or not.. but if i book... got anyone wanna go? MuM? papa? Danny?Huishi? ... haha! Dunno.. if i do book den say ba.. i wanna go leh... ARHHHHH...
Sometimes a lil time for ourselves onli is very nice... i think there are times when i try and try and u dun respond... i dunno... Arrggghhh......
Dear... Muacks! ;)
Arhhh.. can't wait for exam to be over... wanna go out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:49 PM

Thursday, October 28, 2004

ArGhh... The previous post didn't turn out that well right... heard that eyes wwere hurting.. so sorry...
ok ok... so today is thursday already.. and people from module B have already started their holiday... Congratulations to those people n dun remind me bout it. Thanks :P Yeah... so i got to sch at bout 1 today. Saw James and gang from B module.. was profusly reminded about the fact that they were having their last paper today. While i still have 4 more to go. Arrrhhh... So evil... and so i studied in club.... (well, so called study... ) and did some work... Mum arrived at 3 40... and she bot me and apple pie.. hee!! Thanks mum! treat u to hamster food next time!! :P joking!! Yeah... time passed by and mum, dad, shawn and danny went for KTV... while i stay in club.. so club onli has me... Jiabao(AKA ah gong) and gerald. HaHa! Well... after that nothing much already.. went home. Tomorrow will be having etech.. ARGHHH... i have not realli studied for it... Realli scared... hmm...
Ok.. i am going to study now... see ya all...
Extreme thanks to James and Song ming who reminded me that their last paper is today.. so much so that it still rings in my head so much. :P
BoReD... HaHa... not going home for dinner tomorrow... anyone wanna jio me go out? (subjected to my answer to you) :P haha!

10:59 PM

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Okie.. i tested enough.. color of the day: pink
wahahaah! It is already wednesday! Time just seem to fly... er... yup... FLY. LoL! Well, woke up at 845 today all thanks to the grass cutter who can't seem to buzz enough in the earli morning yeh. It just went on and on from 830 till who knows when. i got back to sleep though. :D Using BIG BIG dog to cover my face... as well as my ears of course. And one thing to note.. it is time for BIG BIG dog to get a sun bath. It kinda smells. =X Smells of... let me think... my saliva on its hands... my hair on it ears... my sweat on its face... and mix it all together... and ... Urghh... don wanna think further. haha! Time to sun bathe!!! Wahahaha
Well, i woke up at 11... got out of home soon after that. Mama messaged me... haha! And i was in the toilet. =X Well, just when i got out of home.. it started raining... -.-" what the... ok... so i got to sch... like 1... Went into club... saw shawn.. mama and papa... Danny came after a while.. ya... So i... read the newspaper for a while (so much for going sch for "studies") and went for lunch at Mac. Haha! Hello kitty ya... shawn got 1 lar.. den mama bot 1 for her cousin. yep... i dropped the coke... and IT WAS SAVED!!! By my all powerful mama! LoL! Went back soon after.. and continued studying... papa kinda disappeared for some time though. And we talked crap... things like... Hairy chest... Martell and hairy butt... figure it out yourself... See the link? LoL! And there were many other jokes... laffed till i got stomachache... hee! So studied all the way till like 7. realising that not many people in club take calculus... looking at alien names and numbers... wondering why i was so lazy and did not take down the full solution... Having a half done solution is as good as saying i have no idea wad the heck it was about. Yeah.. so i tried to figure out wad the heck i wrote... till i nearly died... but found out 2 complete solutions. That was a good attempt already alrite! haha!
So went home... and had dinner... so full alrite.. haha! Sister have been feeding me tonic... LoL! well... i don even know wad it is... as long as it is not bitter...
Been given doses of SUGAR lately... Love it man! hee! MuaCKS! ;)
Huishi... recently like in bad mood... cheer up!! and tell me anything... don keep it to yourself... :)
Dun DRINK too much... later got liver failure sia...
ok den... end of rambling for today... return tomorrow for more ramblings :P haha!

11:06 PM

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

testing testing testing testing testing

11:26 PM

testing testing testing testing testing

10:01 PM

TesTinG ColOrS... MuM SaiD tHaT sHE HaS To HiGhligHt thE teXt To ReAd. =X

9:59 PM

HAhA!!! Today had materials test.. die.. all tikam tikam. =X So the reason why i din blog yesterday was... studying of cos! Today.. i shall attempt to blog in pure english.. no hokkien... no lars.. no lohz... no har... hee!
Well, i spent the whole of monday studying materials... as well as blowing my top! :P The first thing i saw when i walk into club... is ******... ****... shawn and Danny... HaHA! Well... nothing much to elaborate on. :) haha! Alright... somehow i had some sort of a mood swing... so i was in a bad mood... joined mummy and stepdad over at KFC. Realised that i had absolutely no mood to study in such an environment. i was away orgling at secondary sch girls eating... else i was staring into the blank. That was just so horrible. So i moved back to club... be an anti social. Blast my rock music in my ears, being oblivious to my surroundings and studied my materials. All that anti social trick worked and i was able to study without any disturbances for 3 hours. Afterwhich i went home... still holding on to my anti social attitude. Haha! Well... aw.... got home. Ate dinner and studied... i should change it to MUG. LoL! Well... mugged till 1130 and went to sleep... but things just have to turn out this way. I couldn't get to sleep and spent QUALITY TIME tossing and turning in my bed. Wondering wad the heck is ferrite... pearlite... martensite... elasstomers... Acrylics... polytetraflouroethane? Yeah. Most probably slept at 2 in the morning.
Woke up at 630. Alarm went off at 6 of course... but i was just too tired. so i slumped into my cosy soft bed and continued to snooze... till 630... literally LEAPED out of my bed and dashed to the toilet. Wash up!! Prepared breakfast in a record breaking time of 5 minutes. GOt out of home at 7. 10 whole minutes later than my usual time. Exam was at 9am though. HahA! Flipped through my notes for the last time before i sent myself into the pithole. Realised that i have 30 min extra and went down to club... the whole of SAC was... dark... except for CSCC... which was booming "where is the love" all the way in the early hours of tuesday morning. Danny and his friend chris made their way in soon after... (they had to get through a round of Andrea the anti social and so the door is locked stance first though) followed by shawn... Soon after... i went to the "pithole" and yeah... when i first got the paper, i did not even bother to look through. Seriously... i didn't know how to do 1/2 of the paper. So with that...i sat through 2 hours of mental and emotional torture. Being one of the first few in my class(note that i wrote MY CLASS. other classes had disappeared since donkey years-.-) to leave the exam hall. Went back to club. Oblivious to the fact that i may have to repeat materials next semester... Haha! And went to buy some newspapers(O.O dun look at me like that... can't i read?!) and made my way to FC3 to have some food. Yong tau foo sucked today. I left some fishballs... er.. tau pok... and cuttlefish balls intact for the cleaner to see. :P Basically.. i wasted food. ok. i admit to that. >.< But i also know i should not risk my health for the sake of finishing food u know. Haha! So i went back to club(again) and TRIED to study. To no avail of course. With Ah gong... Rue and Shawn and gang making their way in soon after. Mum arrived at 1 plus... and yah... she had some fun hitting JT and Jeff (right mum?! =D) before leaving for her exam. So... i decomposed in club... TRYING hard to study... and finally left at 3... not long after Gerald made his way in. Danny was so tired he slept behind the table... and snored... (gerald went to peep at him snore... amusing sight!:D)well... i slept in club too... oops!! Its alrite... Hongzhang's not around. :P Yep...
Dear is extremely sweet. :) i think i am having diabetes soon... but i like the sugar. :D
Time to study for etech. NO SLACKING FOR ANDREA! THIS IS AN ORDER!!!
I MUST STUDY... dun wanna stay in SP forever although it is a realli pleasant place. ;)
Oh... Danny cut his hair again... Haha! i wonder what happened... within a short period of 3 days, so many of the guys had a hair cut...
Aww... Mum... u missed the funny times... tell you more when you come online. ;D

6:55 PM

Sunday, October 24, 2004

WooT!! Finally went through my confirmation!!!! Wahahahah! After like 5 yrs! This is great man... :D MOrning.. wondering got white clothes not.. den go J8.. also cannot find. Sian. In the end use my sisters de. But her clothes so big.. make me "chao geng" lo... haha! Den i was so excited also. lOlx
After confirmation... went down to the Bishan de Thai express eat... i took the super spicy noodle.. ok onli lar. not THAT spicy. lOl! But good leh.. now i kip on going to toilet. lOl! After i feel constipated for dunno how many days already. Weeee...
Den now i am home liao... i realli need someone to help me with materials leh.. siao liao lar. Tml i think i go sch study better... at home no have the mood lar... also dunno the reason. hee... so yep.. i think this time my materials is going to be shit ba. Haiz... i wanna jia you le lar.. like thi ow to get all A... i onli want A leh.. not distinction lo... already bery the easy on myself le... humpf... JIA YOU bA...

10:34 PM

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Today woke up at 11. Lol! Den i went for confession at novena at 2... and was back by about 3. haha! Wanted to study lar.. but just no mood. :P So i was lazing around and having fun all the way until 5. studied till 530.. felt hungry.. wahaha! So go eat.. till 630 lidat go watch news and den the farnie show on channel u. Wahahah! Today realli nv study much. Scared liao lar. Materials leh... haven finish.. tml also dunno will finish or not.
Tml having confirmation. Whaah! have to be at church at 3.. den will be back at bout 8 ba. Duno where to haven dinner. i haven even bot any clothes for it lo. Den the clothes that i have er.. bit weird lar. Cos lasst time de.. Den a bit tight.. cos lasst time wear high high de. :D Dunno leh.. dunno whether to go buy tml or not. Easy lar... just buy those skirt or wad.. white de. but still thinking... tml den see ba. Haha!
Duno is it PMS or wad lo... been feeling a lil down at times... i kinda dun like this kinda feeling of uncertainty. Nv took any poly exam papers b4... duno format all that. Makes me worry a lil more ba. Den somemore i din work hard. Now a bit regret. should try harder ma... Next sem MUST WORK HARD WOR!!
i lookng forward to hol... i wanna play my heart out.. i wanna have fun all the way... i dun wanna think so much about sch work. i wanna just play and play and play. haha! But for now.. exams first!!!
Sometimes i may appear to not think much and may act somehow a lil bimbotic... but c'mon lo... it may not be real... i can be thinking... and pretty much as well. My brains are actively working alrite. But there are benefits to acting bimbo... haha! COs people will not demand too much from that bimbo who dun think. :P Whahaha!
I a getting bored liao.. haha! think i am going to sleep earli. Overate lar.. den somemore constipated.. feel so bad. Hur hur.. boo hoo... bleah...
*LonGinG FoR a FaiRy tALE... wHeN thE PRinCE GiVeS ThE LiFe GiVinG KisS To tHE pRiNcESs* HAha! PMSy mAh... Den Recently all the news and all that so sad de... sometimes will want a fairy tale to happen.. everything so perfect... everything nice nice sweet sweet and perfect... Why fairy tale got no one study de leh. Lol! lol!

11:09 PM

Friday, October 22, 2004

ARhh... this day sucked... mornin went sch lesson ok.. den started to slowli suck lar. Lunch was at FC1.. jap food.. but the rice not cooked.. so it sucked quite badly... Den went back to club lo. Sian.. no mood also... haha! Den i ask HZ... Roy.. gina n jiabao go SPGG play lo. PLayed pool.. no mood.. so suck also lar... after that went back to club. Had council meeting... MR TAN CC realli beh Chin chye... everything also must say a bit and REPEAT again. -.-" Den onli thing happy for me today ba.. my council shirt design was chosen. :D hahah! Den meeting lasted till 8. i super thirsty. so went off first.. get drink. den papa called me... den my hand wet wet... go take phone. :P Den i shock... quickly wipe off the water. lOl! Phone... 400 bucks!! O.O Dinner was this sausage bread thingy. taste is good.. but pathetic. bread for dinner. Anyway... also no mood and no energy go for food ma.. so came home. Arrrhhh... Sucky day. sux sux sux...
MIxed feelings la... Kor dun lidat la... get on with ur work ba. Carry on the road and u will see nice flowers and scenery... drinking is no use de. Dun drink too much.
Dear... u so sad. Den din msg me anything bout wad happen... Also not entirely ur fault lar. I dunno if u read my blog de lar. But if u do... i hope that u will not be so disappointed le. And do share with me lo...
i am now so blardy tired... so many things going through my mind. Today i must be crazy... i cried while reading newspaper... news bout the missing kid... cried while reading mama's blog... cried while i listen to songs... kaoz... think i must be under stress le lar... ANDREA AR... MUST BE STRONG!! YOU CAN DO IT DE!!! Today never study.. tml must chiong liao... JIA YOU ARh!!! Morning go church.. den after noon must chiong chiong chiong.. motivation!!! Arhhh... GOD... GRANT ME THE STRENGTH AND THE DETERMINATION!!!

11:47 PM

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Wahahah! Today ish thurday le.. shit sia... so many things to do. Tml still got council meeting! chiong arh! LOl! kk...
Morning wake up... den went to sch... Had lunch alone.. cos everyone eat le... but met mama and papa! LOl! Actualli... having lunch alone is a different experience ba. i nv tried it in SP till today. Lol! u see see people eat all that.. haha... Den after that FINALLY finish my materials notez Le!!! Wahahaha!! :D Time to go and study my etech and so on liao!!! Wahahah! JIA YOU AR ANDREA... 1st yr 1st sem onli!!!
Den went home alone... sleep in bus.. think i realli sleep until no "xing siang" wor.. LOl! Den i got home... (lucky nv overshot)wahahh! Very sian ba. Had dinner. wahahahahah!
Kor.. i think u got read my blog de lar... Time for you to move on liao... There are other things that are worth ur attention!
Gee... today i am tired... kk... Take care people...

10:07 PM

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Hmm.. this day consider to be very full of emotion ba. Woke up at 9 plus... den saw my handphone got 2 msg... open.. read... den very happy ba. Haha! That was realli special and surprising ba. :)
Den after that i went to school. To study... haha! Den i went for lunch with James(spsu), papa and mama. Haha! KFC. LoL! Den went back to club play play lo. haha! Went with mummy go print stuff... den come back was asked to help someone collect something.. but things turn out to be a great mistake ba. i think someone may hate me now. i dunno... haiz...
Den i went to club there... try to forget... den went on to study lo.
After that went to church... take bus there with dear... sweet... sweet... sweet... hee! happy 2nd month... :) Muacks!
Kk.. at church... rehearsal lo... go there... walk in and out onli.. Cos they scared we dunno how to walk. Thankz arhz. -.-"
Home Sweet HomE!!

10:53 PM

Sunday, October 17, 2004

RoMaNTiC Bo?! LoLx!!! Posted by Hello

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Another one... Posted by Hello

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Another one.. editted... better le.. Wahah!! Posted by Hello

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ADD poster? Chio bo?! Lolx! Posted by Hello

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Let me start from friday ba... yesterday... lo... aiya... brot my winter white to sch.. but mummy din get to see it.. haha! Den went home at bout 3 alone.. dear went out lar.. sleep a while.. sianz a while... den after that, dinner sucked la.. After that i online all the way le ba. Sian day lo...
Den today... earli morning wanted to go jog.. but den laazy :P so din go. Go to sch in the afternoon den shock to see so many people in club. i tot some of us know that club open so go there study.. in the end so maany people... haha! Den no air con... wah.. stuffy a bit lar. haha! Den study till sian.. tired like crazy... 7 plus lidat go off to taka with mummy go take her converse de uniform... haha! Den went to eat macdonalds... HAha!! the prawn.. dunno is it gold sia.. 6 prawns onli.. -.- but okie lar. Lolx! Den went home.. found that my linksys thingy got prob... So gotta redo all that config stuff... haha! now i am oonline liao.. Tired.. sianed... wadever... *yawns* fuck lar

11:59 PM

Friday, October 15, 2004

Yesterday.. which is thursday.. lOl!! i went to sch at 10.. but ponned my 12 materials class.. cos i thot it was boring.. but alot of them went lar. den went for c prog.. ended up sleeping there also lar.. Lol! :P and mumy gave me a hamster!!! Thanks mum! ;) hEe...
wed got class outing.. lOLx! Go eat at bugis seoul garden... den went to play pool at parklane... Nat... MAN IN BLACK... den quite a lot of people attended this outing.. so glad.. took neoprints even. Amzing... 11 or 12 in a booth! Salute! haha!
I am so happy lar... ;) Muacks!!!!!

1:12 AM

Monday, October 11, 2004

Hmm... why is it that everyone today kip toking bout er... LOVE... interestin...
Anyway.. got back my workshop.. 72.. ok lar... survivable... den sianz lar.. i was so unhappy i could not sleep yesterday... i dunno... i demand alot out of relationship ba... i dun like to be ignored. i dun like to be taken for granted. Hmm...
Today go sch... sianz lar.. den that melvin finally saw me. -.- Pat chiao lar... den take bus.. the FC3 auntiee went on and on and on.. i quickly chao arhz.. LOlx! got to sch... go for c prog.. sianz sia... after that 3 hour break.. go club study... den go for a sucky lunch with mummy... the food dun taste good.. today no mood for food.. too fucked up le. haha! Den went for workshop.. 1 hour onli.. so another 1 hour to waste.. go club again... wahaha! den go for materials.. i never slp wor!! A round of applause!!!! :D After that i wanted to go club de.. but too tired.. decided to go home instead... reached home earli sia.. like 5...
but reaching home earli does not mean nice life.. my sis got me to look after my niece. den nvm.. she kinda expcted me to help her do somethings.. den i do le she say not complete.. i also dunno lar... den everything also KP me.. if i knew i rather go some coffe joint sleep also dun wan come home le... sianz... haha!
I think i got bad habit ba.. i cannot take things when it is unfair... when i put in 50%.. the other party has to put in equal... if not i will KP lar.. haha! Wahahah! call me a Petty Bitch... i dun realli care... seriously.. i dun care if anyone labels me a BITCH or wad lar...
Why the guys say i dominant sia... kegan.. song ming... den dennis... -.O Anything lar.. i am pretty dominant lar hor.. :P nvm wad... if not how to survive in this world... Wahahahah...
*woyaodezhibuguoshiduoyidiandeguanhuai...duoyidiandeguli... xiangyaoduoyidianyongbao..duoyidiandeai... zhixiangnibaozhewogenwoshuoshenwoaini... nizhuodedaoma?*

10:59 PM

Saturday, October 09, 2004

: to abstain from MSN.. onli 1 hour a day and onli for the good talks onli.
:To go to club more often and do work... ADD and needy fund. Publications!!!
:To Study as often as i can. Even if it is just half and hour when i am home late
:To Ace all my subjects. Hey i got into poly with 8 points K!
:To make the world a fairer place.:To see that my work is always done... in sch and in club as well as home.
: And many others la...

N i am unhappy... cos i got onli 79 for etech.. that realli sux man... kinda spoiled my week. Den just now went to watch white chicks.. darn farnie... but b4 that i cried.. cos i felt bad... dunno why lar.. stress maybe.. and dear dear was quite quiet lo... nv realli tok to me much... haiz... mood swing maybe ba.. i dunno also... HAha! Yester went for 3 meetings... needy fund... club... and sports fest debrief. :D i shall not go into details also lar.. all this dry stuff... Den went for dinner aat tiong bahru till 1030.. got home at 1130.. haha! Paiseh sia.. forgot time leh. =X Den i also dunno wad lar.. today earli morning the wind so strong.. blow till big balls de cage drop... big balls is my hamster hor.. dun think dirty. Anyway.. earli mornin.. i wake up is clean hamster cage.. -.-"~ Sianz liao lo. haha! Den i did my own notes for materials... so happy. i finally did a LITTLE TEENY WEENY bit of studying... haha! At least i did something lar... haha!
And i was just discussing about BBQ and going to the beach with HUISHI DARLING.wahahah! So look forward sia!!! Arrhhhhh... do well for my exam den i can play hard le... So must JIAYOU!!! GONBATTE NE!!!!! Den it would be great fun.. huishi birthday coming.. dec also.. wahahh! Nice. :D I am missing u like crazy!!!
Anyway.. dear... if u are reading this.. i still love u k... muackies!!!

10:29 PM

Monday, October 04, 2004

Wooohooo.. another week has come... sianz... haha! Todya went to sch.. wah.. onli 330 onli cannot take it and fell asleep in class. This is bad. Den tml got the stupid CRS presentation. -.-"
Anway.. i took some time to think... and i realised that i do not like fictitious people who always appear to be nice but all f***ed up in there. Yeh... i am startin to sound more and more like Kaingan.=X scary.
anyway, started to bleed in my tongue today again. -.- Took some snacks and it started to bleed. The smell of the fresh blood was intriguing... and yah.. i cleaned up my hamster cage cos one of the hamster died. Haiz... i dunno lar.. like my fault larhz... i dun think i bother to talk to much about that...
Anyway.. i am getting PMS lar hor.. and today i lai ang lar. Cheh... so i think of alot of things. I kinda feel that there are alot of things going around me that has deeper things hidden within. People who seem happy and those who are keeping to themselves. I kinda learn that no matter wad... doing wad others want u to do satisfies them to the brim while rejecting them totalli pisses them off. -.-" So extreme... Lolx!
Sometimes i dun understand why i always have to make the first move... it is always a lil more difficult and ya... i may ge sick of doing it. Haha! i dunno... maybe i should not be so initiative lar... But... no choice lar.. BORN LEADER! ;P
work sometimes gets dumped on people like me... and i dun haf time for my frens... i pang seh hem duno how many times already... all cos of work work and work. i am so sorry to them. After my exam den bu chang is like late liao lor... Maybe the most impt thing now is to msg them often to show that i care and maintain this friendship.
wad da heck... i think i am feeling weird nowadays... i kinda wan my say alot... and i kinda am er... be more 'normal' in the sense that i do not go GOD ... and all the stuff... is that good or bad? i dunno. Somehow i know that there is the prompting from within to do what is right.. but i just dun wan to announce to the whole world. I duno.. i rather do the right thing and not say it than to say the right thing to do and yet not do it. =X
P.S i hate people who have attitude prob and yet do not DARE TO ADMIT. yeah... u have it u dare to admit it.
hahah! After all these ramblings i think i may have caused some people to get angry and think maybe? i duno... i dun wanna care bout those who are self centred.. i wanna care for those who care for me.. those who treat me as their family and those who are willing to be open to me. Close ur doors and my gift to u will be locked out. SIMPLE.
yah.. i am tired already... My love goes to all who are willing to accept. And i do pray that many will be able to learn more about who is this person called andrea.. and maybe... maybe... maybe...

10:24 PM

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