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Saturday, November 27, 2004

okie.. i think my analysing mood is back... haha! That is wad triggered me to write that entry... Dun misunderstand it... i was just in this mood to analyse and so i wrote that entry... (i am a humanities student by the way... so i used to analyse essays an stuff alot XP) a lil biased but who cares.. its personal... haha! Dun get jealous or anything... hee...anyway, i am going for cruise tomorrow... to phuket... dun wory... gifts for u all!! HAha! i try lar.. DH and HZ like planning to go alot of tourist attractions.. but we onli have a few hours on shore leh... haha! NVM lar... will be back on Wed... anyone wanna see me off? Wahahaha! :P onli 4 days. -.- lalala! will miss u all.. hur hur... DArlings birthday coming soon... hiak hiak! :D kk...

10:13 AM

Okie.. comments time.
SP allowed the whole website to be filled with taufik's pictures last week and even GOT STUDENTS TO VOTE for him. OK... it is of cos nice to see your alumni in the finals of this islaandwide idol search... but c'mon.. whoever wanna support the Idol thingy should stick to their own choice... not vote JUST because he is an EX... let me repeat... EX SP student.. yeah... unfair huh... that's the world...
So sly has got his female goo goo ga ga fans... they wanna vote for him and help him to the finals... ya... so he is THEIR IDOL... while taufik has got his SP backing him up. FAIR ENOUGH... u MORONS who make DISGUSTING remarks... u should go knock on the wall and die.
Now, SP even wants to er... lets say... REQUEST for students to give out flyers at orchard road regarding the "vote for taufik" Programme.. and we are asked to do it... pls... i am NOT A TAUFIK fan... how can i ever get my butt up and do it for him. -.- Get your taufik fanatics. They can do a better job alright.. they can hum his songs and sing along when giving out flyers and all that. I don't wanna get myself involved in this crap.
Seriously, Singapore idol is a talentime show that focuses on vocal talent. But... BUT... wad do u think makes a idol? Talent alone? ok.. maybe that is possible.. but believe me.. charisma and looks do make a certain percentage. Agree? So who do u think gives a more charismatic performance? Taufik or Sylvester? To me, of cos the kilo watt smile that sly gives is pretty attractive... while.. let me say. no offence to ANYONE AT ALL... i have NEVER TAKEN NOTICE OF TAUFIK until the finals... cos ya.. i saw his face in SP website. LamO! i shall make my stand. Although i do think that sly is good.. i have nothing against taufik. i have never given him any attention anyway. -.- Yeap. I dun make votes... dun expect me to pay $ to vote for this 2 guys... Well... i am not going to let mediacorp earn ya... stupid to do so. i dun even spend 10 min average on the tv per day... so why the f*** should i pay for this shit? ya... that's my PERSONAL stand... i already deemed it personal. Duh...
Regarding the thingy bout Olinda being booted out last week. i think it is pretty fair.. isn't it? What the heck are people talking bout deserving? Lets analyse this carefully... Olinda... she is dubbbed er... "powerhouse". She is wad.. 27? i think so... that is the oldest of the group. Let me see... if she does make it pass that.. i will give her fame a life span of 3 years MAX. Yeah... and wad the heck.. she has got this "singer" label a long time b4... she din win lar.. true... i was surely attracted to her voice.. but pls... she looks like some animal killer wearing all that fur and coats. Passe. No of fans... unknown. So i shall conclude that the number of fans do play a big part in the no of votes... well... IDOL ya... they are supposed to ATTRACT people... if u can't do it now.. wad makes u think u can do it later?? Duh...
Okie... wad triggered me to write this useless blog entry ( is cos i saw a link at the SP webby that i deemed offensive and demoralising to the sly fans... not that i am a goo goo ga ga fan. But this kinda propaganda is just clearly horrible. Democratic we are.. but u are posting this blog thingy on SP webby.. shouldn't it be more... er... neutral... sure... rally for ur taufik votes. (Don't expect me to lift a finger to help taufik or anyone by giving flyers and wad notz) but do it the right way. Not in this way ya... so wad else can i say? Nothing... end of this monologue. Period.

9:49 AM

Friday, November 26, 2004

deadlines to meet.. things to do, report and plan... so off i go to do work. Today is eventful. ya.. banner paintin... Fuck E** They SUCK... big time. :P Thanks for the palm 515.. wahaha! well... time to do work... Hope u do understand some things and not gimme attitude. :D Yong Hin will enjoy his entertainment as soon as i tell him. Wahaha! Good luck. :P

11:51 PM

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Okie.. i got back my results... 1dist... 3A... 2B+... 1C...
Dist... CRS
A... Workshop practice
A... Engrg Math
A... Cprog
B+... CD
B+... Etech
C... Engrg Materials
GPA... 3.542

Ya.. happy now people.. so interested to know huh... -.-" Sux manz... Com'on lo... CD i get B+... people get an average of A lo... u basstard. KNNBCCB... TKS.. i wun forget u... arsehole! Idiot arhz... Even Nat got A onli.. Com'0n lo.. he slogged for u lo... u stupid bastard... Can go and look in the mirror notz... old like wad... act kind... actualli is all rotton inside... IDIOT! Etech... wah lau.. nv expect to get b+ lo.. i expected an A... sad lar... but nvm... Engrg Mat.. pass... hahah!!! Wahliew.. that one i realli scared like crazy lo... realli dunno... so C is like... ok lar.. nothing to complain bout... But i still got 1 more mod that is not releassed.. and i called Lai SB for ages and he have not picked up the bloody phone.. -.-" Basicalli.. is Calculus.. that one i realli scared.. altho is not in the module de lar.. but still... must pass rite..
okok.. today went for the LTC briefing.. was quite alrite lar.. not too boring.. haaha! This guy came and talk.. quite an interesting fella.. so it was ok.. Den learnt all bout the shaking of hands lar.. walking lar... talking lar.. like how to intro ur frens.. must intro elderly all that.. haha! Den fine dining.. -.-" Realli lar.. we all uncouth de lo.. will tok SHIT and toilet during dinner de.. Lolx! Well.. Collected the camp package lo.. the package show the schedule.. wahaha! Wed is shopping day! Wahahaha! I will go crazy liao.. Lolx! Den the shirt also not bad.. polo tee.. dri-fit one.. hee... Quite cool lar.. Lolx!
So after that i stayed in sch do the banner thingy.. wahhaha! Bernaard help me draw the unicorn sia.. not bad.. quite nice.. haha! But today siao liao.. forgot to add the word SAT.. so nvm haha! Paint till me back ache.. haha! but overall ok.. outline out.. tml can start on the colors and wala... it will be done in 3 days liao.. haha!!! Believe me.. i can do it manz.. Wahahah! :P Hiak HIak.. those who read come help ar! :P Lalala...
Tired now.. spent the whole day cursing one idiot.. if u know who.. den good lar... haha! Well.. still cursing him... till i now tired lar.. Lolx! haha!

10:55 PM

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Hokey Dockey... today is tues the 23rd of nov.. ya.. i dun go for the CADC camp.. Thankz.. it was planned as well as overslept.. haha! Well.. woke at 10 ya know.. the super late kinda thing... So basicalli rotted at home till bout er... let me see... 1 plus... i was online... i ate every hour... and i did everything i could to cure BOREDNESS... haha! Mummy called.. she say she gg to sch... haha! Den i was thinking no one wanna go collect banner cloth.. so i might as well go as well... so i went to sch... B4 that met dear to have lunch lar.. haha! Den after that we went to clementi to collect the banner cloth.. haha! So went to club lo.. bring the cloth... so much sia.. scary... At the shop where they did the sewing got alot of kids.. sooooo cute sia.. haha! Den one of them even came over to pass me a name card... yup... cute... Oh... soooo feel like carrying her home... Hope the lil one over here will grow to be quite nice too... haha! Well.. so i went to club.. also nothing to do lar.. no one there also.. onli popo.. JB... yoke gee... and roy doing their proj thingy... cool.. some underwater stuff... So i read there and read thru the minutes and all that lo... Creazon proposal was goood... haha! After that... Bernard and WX came too... Haha! So we all discussed the ticket manager thingy. Called mama also.. Lolx! Cos they need $$$... $ makes the world go round u see.. Lolx! Den publication already overspent liao.. haha! Well.. this going is tough.. $ matters.. haha! Okok.. So see see.. can take from miscellenous.. so take a bit lar hor... haha! Talked bout methods and all that... dunno how lo... ya.. cos Ms Ang say we cannot do those stuff... cos it is like vandalism... -.-" haha! okok.. nvm.. we will think of something else den... After that... we went off... den me and dear went to clementi eat... wahahah! CHICKEN.. MUAHAHA! i sound scary arhz.. Lolx! Well.. it was nice.. den came home... bout 10 le ba.. *gasp*... time to face reality.. at 12 midnight.. results will be released.. OMG.. i pray... that i will at least pass every EVERY subject...

11:20 PM

Monday, November 22, 2004

ARGH... somebody shoot me in the head lar! Rue is gg for the cadc camp.. den i also dunno whether to go or not.. sianz sianz sianz!!! Wah liew... JUST KILL ME! confused.. tired... and going mad...

11:43 PM

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Mr Incredible Posted by Hello

12:05 AM

Saturday, November 20, 2004

ToDay... special day wor!!! okok.. haha!! Went to watch incredibles with dear la... Den saw ah gong and daddy at orchard PS there.. wahahah!!! Surprise sia!!! Well, Incredibles is a nice show.. i recommend u all to watch... cos it is realli darn funny... and alot and i mean ALOT better than shark's tale... which is darn shallow.
Had a snack at Macdonalds... and here is the promised publicity... Dear DROPPED FRIES ON A NANYANG GIRL... LoLx!!! haha! walk walk den half the packet of fries came raining down on her!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA! HE must be darn embarrassed! Lolx! Well, it is alright... accidents do happen.. it is better than having a cup of coke over her correct... :)
So went walking around.. down to taka.. on the way went around to heeren and cine... wow... nothing around there at all... haha! So got to taka.. took a look at the hot water flask for Anne... den had dinner... pasta... well... it was a nice dinner... long time since i went out for such pasta... haha!
After that took a walk down... near tanglin mall that area liao.. den walk back to far east there... hee... Den took bus home... :) Nice day...
Kor seems to be drinkin everyday... -.-" i have no more comments bout that le lar...
Huishi... beach some day? :)
okok.. nice day overall...
Sleeping soon
Grandmothers birthday tml.. gg for lunch.. hahahhha

10:37 PM

mY FuTuRe DoTtEr... CuTe Bo!! :D Posted by Hello

1:13 AM

Friday, November 19, 2004

OK... So lemme see.. i have not blogged for like 3 days? haha! Well, i was too tired lar har...
Wednesday... er.. wad did i do? i dun realli remember leh.. oops.. haha! Well, i think i was out... could be the day i watch shark's tale... is it.. i think so lar.. Lolx! Basicalli went to watch Shark's tale with dear dear... den after that also went home... haha!
I am having bad memories... :P
Then yesterday.. i chor bo for the whole day lar.. went to er.. deposit $$ so that i can pay my bills.. hee... and i tried to find omputer programmes like flash and autocad... but AMK central changed so much.. under renovation lar... so cannot find.. anyone can intro.. i dun mind... :P Den i receive sms from Thomas say can go for interview at his work there.. work for Creative as promotor.. :) Thanks ar... Today supposed to go for interview lo.. haha
Den i went just now... at specialist shopping centre there... Fill in form and talk talk a while onli can go le.. haha! Den dear dear pei me... sweet.. thankz.. :) well... after that went down to PS... Den walk walk walk to taka and all that chor bo la... haaha... den took bus to J8.. eat eat eat.. wahaha! i like pig... =X Den dear walk me back... Muacks!
Dinner i still eat eat... PIG lar... siaoz liao... haha!
Den talk to mama! lolx! She still at sch at 8 sia.. so late le.. she go down view designs.. so paiseh i not there... den that Eric Oei.. onli can do it at 3rd dec... nvm lar.. anything also take lar. LOlx Den Ah gong call me and tell me thing.. den i call mummy lar.. haha!! Ask those people to update me... haha! Also dunno in the end will how... Alot of things not done.. but since the publications like a bit finish liao can go buy cloth lo.. Yeay!!
And ya.. i got 4 designs... :P in the end i came up with 4... one with unicorn... one with phoenix... one with RAVE... haaha! den the other is like a "eighth dimension" feel de.. den use a bit of FF... :P haha!
keke... long story short say... me going to do some serious work... see ya!!

10:43 PM

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Other than the fact that i had to attend poly forum opening earli in the morning which was quite... er.. flat. The rest of today was GREAT! haha! Had less than 5 hours of sleep... den woke up... go to sch... Dear not bad arhz.. manage to wake up... i myself nearli overslept... yeah... =X After that would be the poly forum thingy.. which lasted till bout 1230... was quite bored... went back to club after the buffet thingy...
After that did not know wad to do... so went for a movie.. sharks tale... hahaha! 6.50... alrite lar.. tuesday leh. :D Well... no meaning to it... big cast though... haha! Den went to walk walk a while with dear dear... hee... it was quite a nice day overall... everything seem to fall in place... :) I went home den went out.. haha! dear must be very tired sia... yesterday nv sleep much... den still go and play around with me... hee... Muacks! i also very tired now leh... haha! dunno why... but its ok... i will go to sleep soon.. i siao liao lar... no one volunteer for the cadc camp thingy.. den cannot ask rue go alone rite?! Lidat how can? my brother sia... urgh... maybe msg ricky and ask him ba... haven reply the guy.. today supposed to reply de.. how sia... hmm.. 1130 le.. gues he sleeping ba.. haha! :P nvm lar.. msg and inform him.. tell him not confirm... haiz...
dear must be sleeping now... haha! So tired.. den still accompany his mum to go for dinner... well... love ya... Muacks!

11:23 PM

Monday, November 15, 2004

Despite the fact that i had a great day yesterday... in which i went out with darlingz... b4 that went to look for door gift with HZ lar.. but still nice day overall... anytime that i dun stay at home seems nice ok... haha! Well, combed orchard road... suntec... bugis... ... yesterday... Believe me.. everywhere is sale and everything seems nice... LoLx!
Ok.. den today... woke up.. by ANNE... yes... thankz huh. Den lunch... was forced to go down mama's place... den to get some peace and quiet.. i came up early... onli to find out that i have no time to get that since they came up 2 min after me. -.- Argh... FUCK! i hate this man... why can't i ever have some time of quiet and peace... i feel like SHIT manz... Den YOU have to come and tell me bout cleaning up the hamster cage.. dun clean cannot go out. WTF. GFTW u idiot! I HATE THEM.
Baby is not helping either.. she cries... so much... for attention... okok... so she NEEDS attention.. so just farking give her attention lar.. why coome here and bother me?! Shit U lar... Want to control both.. shit sia... CHOOSE ONE lar... if i go to mummy's place i dun even have to farking care lo... Den here u have to come and irritate me! ARGH SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SSHIT!!!!! i hate this... i have to be here to be a maid... and suffer from all this huh... u r the parent... so ya.. i am the aunt... but why is it that i nv realli found any enjoyment? huh????????
HECK U! not going to farking care

1:28 PM

Friday, November 12, 2004

Too tired.. i will make a quick one today.. .haha!
well... went down to sch.. brot the cake...
den played monopoly for 2 whole hours.. nv ending...
and den in the end went into club.. take pics... copied the minutes into my thumbdrive and went off liao.. haha!
basically had a wonderful life.. other than the bad running nose and the toopid sore throat. errrrr.... they were eating peanut snack!!! I WANT! why lidat.. sibei sian...
SKipped lunch... cos i din know wad to eat.. sianz lar.. den dinner was fish... URGHHHh... fish with porridge la.. haha!
Did designs until now...
Wah.. i am about to fall asleeep liao
Deadline on 15th... gotta hurry through liao... dun waste time..
ok... Nitez! Muackies!

11:49 PM

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ho ho ho.. dripping like a tap.. wTh.. today is deepavali!!! ya.. no nid excited.. i dun celebrate also... LoL
irritating leh... haha! Den today i baked a choc cake.. wahah! It seem alrite lar.. den tml bring to sch and make them finish it.. wahhaha! :P Hur Hur... after that cannot take it liao also go out a while... den come back.. 1030... haha! Still quite early hor. LoL!
My nose drip and my throat hurts.. why lidat... haha! Went down to mama's place for lunch... den eat also so mah fan.. cos dun wanna let them get sore throat.. so i take everything den i put in my own bowl... hee! the choc cake... hee... i also got eat... :P test a bit ma... Lol!
Den today more or less talk cock with people all the day.. haha! Den nw listening to songs... sleeping soon ba.. haaha! Hmmm...
today tok to my sis.. ask her whether she wanna buy a new digicam... den she say she wants one that can take good video... -.-" call that a video cam lar... wad a digicam that takes good video.. LoL! Stupid rite! den we all -.-"! haah!dunno wad she thinking also.. cos now cameras are soooo nice.. so tempted to get leh.. .haha! Like ah gong that one.. and all those exilims... wahhahaha! Tempted like crazy... hahah!
I feel like buying a jacket... den the new levis ladies series.. haah! Dunno lar... slowli... try to get work first.. ask thomas... :D Ask him help me ask lo... haha!!
tuesday got poly forum thingy... must rmb sia.. haha! Den passport!!! arghhh... go back mummy there take ba..
ADD designs haven finish... must jia you!!!! BB one especially.. arrgghhhhh...
lalalaal! so much for my happy ending... haha!! Avril lavigne...
okok.. i am going to rest earli.... for the sake of my nose!!!

11:19 PM

ALfA RoMeO... Posted by Hello

11:17 PM

SK my cute popo Posted by Hello

12:19 AM

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ok... here i am... AGAIN... yup... my back have not recovered.. yup... thankz... Today wanted to sleep till realli late.. but my dearest ANNE wooke me up... soon enough i can say.. i am getting a phobia of her... OMG.. yes i am... wad the heck.. basicalli i rushed out of the house as soon as i could and went to sch.. yesh... even during the hol i am rushing to sch... and slacked there... with ah gong and ah ma... ahahhaah! and try to think of some ADD designs... i am soooo screwed.. the designs are due on 15th.. OMG.. 5 more days...
den soooo much thing to do for ADD.. omg.. i gonna call eric oei.. haha! Mr la bi xiao xin! LoL! Den after the visit will have to make sure entertainment and ushers can do their job liao. haha!
Went off at bout 430... den went to changi airport.. so horrible sia.. the mrt so slow.. we tot the flight was 520.. in the end it onli landed at 550.. heng... haha! but we met them onli at 630 in the end la.. haha! mummy gave me a tigger handphone chain.. hee! Nice... den still got lights de wor!! Wah... LoL! hee!!!
Den i din wanna go home.. so i shopped at Junction 8 with dear all the way till er... that would be 9 plus ba... den walked home.. and he took bus home... finalli bot my toothbrush.. used that KNS de toothbrush dunno how long le... yuck.. tml gg to brush my teeth bery bery well... wahaha! Den yeah... i think i will think hard bout buyin the sony camera... the one that ah gong has... so tempted!!! Arghh...
ok... today feeling a lil better ba.. maybe ust tired so face must be quite black... :P
i think i am going to get some beauty sleeep... oink... Nitez everyone... laalla! oops.. 12 plus le...

11:54 PM

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

went for apex today. it was fun la. TireD like crazy tho. and my back is a lil hurt. arghhh... harness was so huge i think.. it was not tight and so when i let go.. the rope backlassh and pull me up... and i hurt my back. Was scared shitless at the first time... abseiling. Was sooo darn scared. i think 5th storey ar... den abseil down.. i slipped.. and sibei paiseh. Den i was so scared for so many stations... but i guess it doesn't matter. i am not realli caring... there were lotsa support from the people in sch. When it ended... i was so relieved.. althought i was so darn bloody scared. YES i ADMIT... i AM SCARED. But i manage to complete it. Well, for one thing there was this pole and u are supposed to jump to this trapez... basically i was so afraid i could not reach the target. but in the end i managed to. even if i dun... the fact i manage to jump would make me honourable... cos i tried. in the end i got it. Den when i came down i was like... phew. Finally... Well, i dunno... After that bathed and come home... have to endure all this stuff.. my aunt is still at the living room feeding my niece. i m already FARKING TIRED. yeah. and i dunno... i feel like sleeping.. but i told thomas that i will discuss ADD with him tonight. Yeah... so i will be waitin... dun worry. Things to be done... scores to be settled... :P
yesterday's blog was like so shitty.. but it is not that much better today also huh.. i dunno la.. i am feeling a lil bad still...
but whatever cheered me up was the fact that i got a distinction for CRS... OMG... that was like O.O happy tho... haha! Ya... that was the happiest thing that happend to me today.
i am waiting... maybe maybe maybe...
Under this is a song stolen by jay sean. interesting.. i wonder who was his lover anyway.
Lovers under the sun... treasure ur love... u nv know when u nv give them enough of urself... when u realise that they cannot take it anymore.. they may just leave... like the song here

8:21 PM

It's my big night tonight
Yep! It's always YOUR big night,I
t's always YOUR premier,
it's always YOUR film launch!,
It's always.... it's always about YOU!
(Jay Sean... Jay Sean..Jay, Jay, Sean..)
You were my eyes when i couldn't see,
you were my air when i couldn't breathe,
but you always knew what you meant to me,
You were my strength when i was down,
and you made me humble when i wouldn't bow,
I held on to your promise that you'd be around,
Where were you when i was alright,
tell me, you knew I was alright
,you, left me thinking I'd be alright,
wont you come back to me,
Ohhh..It's crazy but i'm falling apart,
It's crazy how your leaving me scarred,
It's crazy girl wherever you are,
you stole, my heart
It's crazy but I'm going insane,
feeling lost confused and ashamed,
It's crazy, hope your feeling my pain,
you stole, my heart(Stolen)
Just like the moments....(Stolen)
you never were there,(Stolen)
you took away my heart,
I was feeling lost in my own world,
neglecting your needs only once girl,
If only we could try again once more,
Now It's the same sad story that we all know,
how lovers make mistakes watch it all blow,
now i don't wanna be the one to let it all go....
Y'know Where were you when i was alright,
tell me, you knew I was alright,
you, left me thinking I'd be alright,
wont you come back to me,
Ohhh..It's crazy but i'm falling apart,
It's crazy how your leaving me scarred,
It's crazy girl wherever you are,
you stole, my heart
It's crazy but I'm going insane,
feeling lost confused and ashamed,
It's crazy, hope your feeling my pain,
you stole, my heart(Stolen)
Just like the moments....(Stolen)
you never were there,(Stolen)
you took away my heart,(ah,ah...ah,ah..)
No man can live without blood running through his veins,
(through his veins)and it's hard to remember the summer
now here is rain
I don't know how much longer that i can wait
It's a feeling... between love and hate,
Oh-whoa-whoaaaa...It's crazy but i'm falling apart,
It's crazy how your leaving me scarred,
It's crazy girl wherever you are,you stole,
my heartIt's crazy but I'm going insane,
feeling lost confused and ashamed,
It's crazy, hope your feeling my pain,
you stole, my heart(Stolen)Just like the moments....
(Stolen)you never were there,
(Stolen)you took away my heart,(ah,ah...ah,ah..)

7:48 PM

Monday, November 08, 2004

Today is monday...
went to sch and hand up the apex form
before that was awoken by an indian boy looking for a indian ger
den went back to sleep
was too tired
so i bathed and went to sch
brot my lappy along
wanted some MTV from someone
but din manage to transfer many
was playing carrom
yunsi and bernard
felt realli bored
had fish burger for lunch
sucks like crazy
den was playing with FF pics
asked ah gong to help me edit
den have to use it for ADD
realised that many things not done for ADD
paul passed me one quoatation
daniel another
both above 2000 bucks
great job guys
Thomas now kan cheong
dunno how to comfort him
think he stress
Terence haven gotten the quotation for ADD
bringing entertainment and usher people to Meridian to see
Hope they prepare their parts first
Was slacking whole day
forgot bout the deadline for pubblications ADD
which is 15 nov
Sentosa outing on that day
should believe it is fun
blackboard design is not done
i wanna do flash
but haven ask WX to ask that person in charge
Took bus home alone
Bus super stuffy
Den reach home
Dinner sucked
Baby cried
irritate me
cos cry only when i was busy
i have nothing to say bout that
sometimes i think going back to my mothers home easier
i wun have problems
but den i think that is bad
i am running away
but now i am as well
i am running to sch
tml have apex
hope it is fun
heard it is exciting
3 storeys high
fear of heights
just now was irritated by family
u are tired
am i not?
always make use of me to do things
i can run
but i din
i helped
so wtf is ur prob
i try my best to help
altho i am tired
i din even scream
i so miss the days when u pester me to call u
i dun think i can get that now
i so miss my friends
i wanna work
i dun have enough $
mummy ask sis to put $$ in my account yesterday
sometimes i just dun know how to thank my mother
but at times she also piss me off badly
nowadays i turn to the blog
i dun shout or scream
cos it is of no use
tt is so passe
i came home tired
but i dun wana sleep
no one toking on msn
all away or busy
listening to Jay chou now
think that is one form of enjoyment
i wanna go out and enjoy
i wanna go to the beach
maybe i should not come home for dinner tomorrow
i dun wanna be nagged at
my aunt likes to visit
and yes
i dun realli like it
they like to invade my privacy
like standing behind me looking at what i type
and wad i read
so for now my door is closed
i am too tired to talk to them anyway
i think i shall organise some kinda KTV someday
thinking back... ...
and i have not contacted Kaingan to play pool
a promise made long time ago
think this thing is getting long
i shall not continue
=*i WonDeR whAt ChanGeD... To MakE u ThiNk iN a DiffEreNT waY*=

10:35 PM

Wahahaah! Yesterday stuck at home.. today out whole day... wahahaha!
Morning went out earli to see mummy steppapa papa shawn +++ they all before they fly for the gyl camp thing... haha! Mummy was late by 45 min wor! they are supposed to meet at 930.. in the end she onli reached at bout 1015... -.-" haha! And along came monkey and family as well.. wahahah! Den talk cock and all...
Had BK for lunch.. but did not buy the kids meal... hmm.. tried the salmon thingy ma. new.. promotion for shark tale movie.. but the taste was alrite onli.. nothing realli amazin... haha! And i dunno why... changi airport is freezing.. other than terminal 1 where they all boarded the plane.. terminal 2 was a refrigerator. Yup...
After that went watch cellular with dear... that show was action packed.. but i think no storyline... and a but complicated somemore.. u go toilet u regret. :P haha! Anyway.. sunday.. but the theatre was not packed.. it was onli the sharks tale theatre that was packed i think. KIDS!!! OMG.. haha! Lucky i chose cellular...
After that i went home... den i receive a msg from 2nd sis asking me to go metro... so i went out.. but late liao leh... haha! nvm.. so i went down to paragon... reminds me of the time when druce, miguel and geri met for gathering and we went for spiderman.. hahahhaha! And i bot er... erm... underwear(u know la.. -.-") haha... cos 20%... cheap la.. Den come back home already like 11 plus liao.. haaha! Den sis KB me.. haha! Dun care...
This hol is not so short yet also not that long leh.. aarrgggghhhhhh... there's work to do.. and there are times to play... but i wonder.. who will play with me... and all that la... like huishi has work for now... den also cannot ask dear all the time wad... den ask godbro... time clash... den dunno whether to ask buyi they all notz... mummy they all must wait till they come back from GYL... haha! nvm... i go find my own entertainment ba... KTV by myself.. zi lian kuang... LoL!
I am sooo tempted by those digicams i see... i feel like getting one when i have the $$... and i dunno whether to just change my singtel plan or sign another m1 plan.. singtel like to ka you... m1 never try b4 leh.. but i heard also like to ka you... Arrrhggghhgh... dunno la...
Today was considered a good day ba... at the very least i was out for at least 15 hours... make good use of time!! YEah! LoL! Tml gotta go sch.. most prob will bring lappy... heh heh... hand in APEX form... dunno when due date sia.. tml ask sis to sign.. yawns...
^*i SaY... Do NoT bE aFrAiD aNd FoLlOW uR hEaRt... WhO CArEs bouT HoW oThErS ThiNk... i LivE a LifE oF mY oWn... i Do NoT cOnFoRm tO thE pResSuReS oF tHe sOCIeTy...*^

1:16 AM

Saturday, November 06, 2004

WAh... sianz... today like half the days at home... Play with hamster.. watch Jay MTV.. wah.. so shuai... can only see him den drools... haha!
Went church just now... soooo many people.. haha! Bu nevermind.. tml gg to airpor to see mummy.. steppapa... Nat they all off.. so it is worth it hiak! HAha! Well... was ordered around by my brother in law.. he was so rude... arghh... kip on forcing me to do things... den he play with baby.. i know baby hard work.. but always lidat a bit guo fen liao lor...
Msg dear... den his reply beautiful sia... "NOT SURE... TONIGHT DEN I ASK THEM. NOW I BUSY..." -.-" actualli wanted to ask him wanna meet one not... den since busy nvm.. i dun disturb u... see me so good sia. :D
i am soooo in the mood to buy a new phone...esp with the fact that m1 offers more sensible plans... singtel.. buck up la... o.o"! i wan new phone.. new clothes... new watch.. new this new thaat.. haha! :P siao liao.. think i going to knock my sister out by asking her to buy me levis jeans for my birthday again.. wahah! Every year one can already. :P And digicam... OMG... casio exilim!! Beautiful... compact and 5.0 megapix... plus all those optical zoom... and modes... O.O But dun anyhow spend liao.. now is not the time sia...
i think i am feeling a lil ********* somehow somewhere... dunno leh.. haha!
tml gotta wake up at bout 8... better wake up.. den brush teeth liao run le.. haha! To reach at 930.. i think i gotta go out by 830 ba.. haha! they all go bangkok.. so good sia... i wanted to go de.. den in the end nv go.. if i go this hol i will high liao.. haha! Alot of trips overseas... st john's included notz... LoL!
Tml i wanna eat burger king!!! i wanna get the shark tale toy... hee...
~^*AlL i HopE FoR iS fOr u To Be HApPy...*^~

10:50 PM

Friday, November 05, 2004

Arhhh.. i am irritated. My previous blog was loading loading loading loading till error 500... -.-"
okok.. so here i am typing it ALL OVER AGAIN. Thanks ar... blogger...
okok.. today.. the day of liberation... Yep.. the last paper today.. C programming... bugged Mr NATHANAEL xie to come and teach me at 4 o clock. :P Well... had lunch with mama at KFC... Chicken.. pok pok keh... haha!! Den went down to club.. everyone disappeared at 2.. cos exams and all... and ya... it was super duper quiet. yeah. Shawn rode to sch today.. his bike has brake lights!!! i also wan... =X
Den yeah... went off when papa finish his survery bout iron on designs and all that... yr 3 came in... den i went off to meet Mr xie who thought me some programming stuff... OMG... haha!
Paper today was.. long... din know that section A capped at 50 points... -.-" Got me doing all the qquestions like crazy.. aRrrgggghhhh.. hope i do not have to touch Cprog again!
I do hope that this sem i get at least and i mean AT LEAST 2 A... i hope i hope... haha! Realli want those A's... so freaking scary alrite... i realised that all my papers are quite alright.. but problem lies with the fact i din study enuf... Need the motivation.. pls... pls... remind me to study k. Thanks peeps!!! :D
i am now sooo happy.. although tired lar.. haha! And i just went toilet to shit. =X bleah...
i wanna eat steak!! i miss the taste of meat in my mouth.. esp medium... so tender and juicy.. woot!!! wahahaha! :P
Kk... time to go think of banner designs... or watch some vcd's... i am deprived!!! CELEBRATION!!!

11:43 PM

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Have been slackin for the past few days... have not been studying.. even when i am having cprog paper tml... yup... that's me. Arghhh.. today was a wee bit sucky...
ok... i woke up and went to sch... den had nasi lemak... arhh.. pathetic la.. met mama papa n my zeng ah gong cheemin at FC5 there... along with my ah gong la.. haha! And that was my lunch... After that i went to club.. no one de.. except for paul... watching sharks... haha! Den mummy chased him away.. she wanna watch champion. LoL! Den i stay in club.. read newspaper... den i TRY to study... i TRIED... alrite.. so i din manage to. =X Shawn came in... den i brot the newspapers out and went to squash court to read... there more quiet... :P Den rain... =.=" why lidat?! Den i went back to club... freezing cold in there... LoL! Den i TRIED hard to study... this time with a WHOLE BIG BUNCH of people in there... no nid to name la... everyone knows.. LoL! Den after that i dunno wad la.. i also very vexed.. i wonder why cannot be open... ish like the whole world knows liao... so since i dun feel so good... i went out den brot my notes along. Sit at squash court again.. nice place there la.. quiet and windy. Den msg and read my notes.. den after that went down to FC 5 get some drinks and read my notes... den went back to club.. tried to spin the bloody basketball till my finger turn black. =X waahahahah! 6pm!! pack up.. go home.. mummy nowadays also take bus le... :D Wahahaha! BUS RULEZ!!! :P
Yeah... i dunno why i feel the way i feel... maybe it is just fear that if i were to hide everything.. i may just lose the ability to do so in the future.. like a forgotten skill or something... And maybe i am tired of not being able to act naturalli as well... dunno
Tired... so sleep first then think. :P
and ya.. i nv cried over stress B4... believe it or not! and i shall nv do that!!!!!
even if i did cry will be over quite alot of things... not stress alone k!

9:49 PM

a nice song i wanna share... avril... no meaning to it tho.. just that this song rhythm is good... haha!
"Nobody's Home"
I couldn't tell you why she felt that way, She felt it everyday.
And I couldn't help her, I just watched her make the same mistakes again.
What's wrong, what's wrong now?
Too many, too many problems.
Don't know where she belongs, where she belongs.
She wants to go home, but nobody's home.
It's where she lies, broken inside.
With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.
Broken inside.
Open your eyes and look outside, find the reasons why.
You've been rejected, and now you can't find what you left behind.
Be strong, be strong now.
Too many, too many problems.
Don't know where she belongs, where she belongs.
She wants to go home, but nobody's home.
It's where she lies, broken inside.
With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.
Broken inside.Her feelings she hides.
Her dreams she can't find.
She's losing her mind.
She's fallen behind.
She can't find her place.
She's losing her faith.
She's fallen from grace.
She's all over the place.
Yeah,ohShe wants to go home, but nobody's home.
It's where she lies, broken inside.
With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.
Broken inside.
She's lost inside, lost inside...
oh oh
She's lost inside, lost inside...
oh oh yeah

8:38 PM

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

WOhoooooo.... ook ok.. never blog the last few days... too tired to do so. hee... well... finally.. i have cleared 4 papers... the last one would be cprog on fri. XP i am shooo tired. Realli drains man...
Well.. i nothing much except going to sch these few days... Too lazy to do anything else except for sleeping. haha! Just soooo look forward to the holidays where i can just go and haave fun. Yup... and i intend to being the entertainment and usher people to go to Le meridian to see the place. :D And i wanna decorate the club.. change some stuff (counter is -.-") :P Yup... and let me see... there will be apex... leadership camp... etc... heeee!!!
Was talking to my friend about relationships.. wahah... =X something that bothers many people i believe... but we were talking all the crap... all those... what kinda girl u like... why and all that la.. wahahahaah! den all those... hold hand and kiss got rules or not. -.-" i thot is u like then u do it lo... Crappy... haha!
And i keep turning blue recently... in club.. just now too cold.. i turn blue... den i go exam hall.. too cold.. turn blue again.. i am turing blue... ohhhh... sooo scary. I M alien... E.T.E.T.E.T... :P
Well... sometimes i wonder whether some things should be told... and all that.. keeping it in my mind just takes up gig and gigs of memory... and it disrupts my RAM. :P hahaahah!! i will look into it... wahahaha
This sunday will go changi airport to see GYL people off... hee.. cos i nothing to do.. and i wanna buy choc... changi airport chocs are yummy... tho a lil ex la... hee..
i think that is all for today.. cos i dun think i wanna blog anymore... :P and ya.. i hate dirty old ah pehs that push me... they can go F*** the ass of another dirty old ah peh and i dun care... Yeah... disgusting... :P Dun care...

In a moment, everything can change
Feel the wind on your shoulder
For a minute, all the world can wait
Let go of your yesterday
Can you hear it calling
Can you feel it in your soul
Can you trust this longing
And take control

Open up the part of you that wants to hide away
You can shine
Forget about the reasons why you can't in life
And start to try
Cause it's your time
Time to fly
All your worries, leave them somewhere else
Find a dream you can follow
Reach for something when there's nothing left
And the world's feeling hollow
Can you hear it calling
Can you feel it in your soul
Can you trust this longing
And take control
Open up the part of you that wants to hide away
You can shine
Forget about the reasons why you can't in life
And start to try
Cause it's your time
Time to fly
And when you're down and feel alone
Just wanna run away
Trust yourself and don't give up
You know you're better than anyone else
In a moment, everything can change
Feel the wind on your shoulders
For a minute, all the world can wait
Let go of yesterdays
Open up the part of you that wants to hide away
You can shine
Forget about the reasons why you can't in life
And start to try
Cause it's your time
Time to fly
In a moment, everything can change

10:46 PM

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