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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yest bot the flower watch frm Raffles city for my sis... den in the end today she to n change to another one.. "dui"... cos that one i wait so long.. den in the end she also take n change to the sex bunny... den should not have wait.. so easy to get bunny... everywhere also have...
After that went down to Funan... saw johnson working at Harvery Norman.. he super big change.. last time supervisor at tori-q.. now is sales staff at harver norman.. alot cleaner la.. haha! Den he intro me Sony de Hoome theatre.. he say good... also lke that lo.. wanna buy for club also gotta find quote.. Cos is 499.. =.="
Bot dinner hoome.. den i siao.. go buy the roast duck drumstick.. 4 bucks for 1.. hahah... just to be happy la.. somehow sleep in bus also sianed liao...
Den today.. din wanna go sch.. den msg her n there.. like a lil guilty.. go down help.. in the end like also dun need much help la.. now me like knn de kan cheong la.. my proj could have been done halfway if not for gg to sch la... i also dunno manz... like help also not there... not help also not there.. is like the show face also song kinda thing u know. urghhhhhhhhhh
Den i went off at 6... Came home tt time bus cold la.. quite song... but i take out jacket...
Tml got meeting.. and banner painting.. but today den say.. haiz. dam sianed.. i planned a day of gg out de.. den is like "boom!" gone... I think i m dam bad example to yr 1... hahaz... but to give face to everyone i will go for the meeting at least la...
Yunsi ask me wanna go swiming in sch tml or not... i feel like.. but haiz.. cannot... Den nvm la.. morning just study lo.. at night maybe go watch stealth... like dam nice the show... Muahahah.. some more is linked to my FOF proj leh.. Wahahaha.. see lo.. nvm la.. i dun feel like blogging le.. no mood also. sibei sian... go do my FOF la.. mite as well do till late... anyway tml no nid wake up earli... bah...

11:35 PM

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hahaa... stayed at home whole day today.. but din study.. was too lazy.. and i woke up onli at 12...
i collected my colored contacts already.. but a lil sianz 1/2.. cos... cos.. i wun follow my eye.. always got out of place.. and can see the black black area of my eye lar.. urgh.. nvm... lucky onli got 1 pair.. lalala
Today stayed home to watch my niece while my sis they all went for a parenting course.. alrite la.. she pooed.. huge one.. ahem... my aunt was here also la.. den she cleaned up.. better to run away when this kinda thing happens you know. Den online play bejeweled and all that kinda crap.. DL from friendster.. the 1 hour trial.. haha!
I wan my S 500.. wonder when will the IT fair be... Wahahah! I wan i wan... but i think i am a lil short of $$ lately as i overspent. hahah! Will have to save up girl! Tml even if gg out dun think i will spend. Ok! I should not spend!! Hahah!
i feel like going to brauhaus... i wanna drink beer.. that reminds me that yesterday i finalli had my Haagen Daz Rum raisin ice cream.. believe me.. it was the most delicious ice cream okiez! i know where to get it le!! Whahaha! Darling... if u wan.. i bring you there!!! Wahahaha! But dinner was sucky.. haha! Cos they gave us cream sauce.. which is kinda tasteless... and there was not enuf tobasco sauce on the table.. how bad can that be... haha! Well... nvm.. at least dessert was good.
Haven buy cloth for banner painting... Wah... will be busy again.. Still got 1 more test.. CEM and one assignment.. the FOF UAV to go.. befor the MST is over.. comon ger.. u can do it de! I wanna score leh.
Oh ya.. yesterdays UW test was great manz.. not cos i know how to do.. but the fact that me and HZ just blindly copied from each other. hahah! Well.. i was kinda told the questions coming out.. so i kinda tell him to study some stuffs also.. haha! Well.. me dam bad rite. Den his friends who onli went for 2 lessons also got go test.. They also one thing also dunno lar! Dam farnie lar.. den next to me was this 2 pretty gers that HZ has been looking at.. they also dunno manz.. so we just pass papers around and let each other copy.. Majoy copying session all that way! Kaoz... Most interesting test i have eveer had.. Wahaha! Test of cheating... Lolx! After that de meeting and AGM is not worth mentioning.. so dun bother asking or wandering. lalala...
Lucky draw prizes and the tickets are out le.. so TBS.. shut up and stop complaining lar.. haiz.. carene jia you... you did well gerl... Everything is already packed enough.. den u keep on giving all those weird stuff... it manz.. lucky i dun have to work with u... and Jian hui also very farnie.. he say.. he hope that teoh will not be teaching him mech or he will die.. actually.. i also hope so lar! Wahhaahah!!
just had dinner.. duck rice with pig liver soup... Er.. a lil weird.. but nvm lar.. i cook de... Wahahah but sister got prepare lar... i feel so full...
i am plannig this day that i will go blading in the morning.. swimmin in the evenin.. movie in the late evening.. and dinner at marina or newton at night... Kaoz.. this IS THE LIFE! i also wanna go sentosa... but no time larhz.. club will always have to paint banners all that.. and the people cannot go out also.. teamwork peeps!! Jia you ar! I hope you all can do it manz.. u all very good de! Haha!
IF i can choose to enjoy... i will choose to go for a cruise with my dearie and enjoy the times when we do not have to handle friends and stuff.. during this one week hol.. but too bad.. hahahah
Hmm... i am feeling a lil off now.. nvm.. let me think.. hahah... while i finish up the tix... yeah...

8:36 PM

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

just had fof test... darn... same as wad HZ told me... but he din tell me others... :P so i dunno how to do. all the unexpected questions... haha
sianed cos Teoh made very horrible remarks. i m soo going to strangle him man... one day...
still got one more test to go... argh... understanding weather.. zzz thaankz so much yar... den tml got ACC presentation.
this month i think i have to learn to survive on $4 a day.. cos i realli spend alot.. and i realise.. kinda overspent.. hahaha... bah... =.="
Today stuck at home manz.. sianed sianed sianed. morning go ssch... onli slept 3 hours lo.. cos have to study FOF... den drink tea... come home.. sleep a while.. so many people sms... paul, CJ, etc... den after a few sms... like cannot sleep le... >.<>
I wanna go watch stealth manz... and i think shows wwith jessica alba is kinda sexy ya.. haha But i m soooo underaged for Sin city.. urgh... 21!! that will be another 4 years. Zzz...
While i have a lil time to day dream... i planned out my birthday celebrations... actualli.. i dun call it a celebration... cos it is not supposed to be a big thing. Haha! i am thinking maybe call those close friends.. get them to go eat steamboat or newton circus... den ask them go swensens eat Ice cream... that one i can pay... Haha! After that.. will be my happy time... Someone lucky will get to be able to go drink with me in a high class lounge... mind u... i thinking of high class de hor... Gee... think too much...
Anyway.. i am signing up for the GYL camp... At dunno bintan or batam. 120 dollars sia.. den looks quite interesting lo... haaha! ssupport Nat la.. and yar.. i wanna go abroad!! Hahah! i think i am kinda crazy la... most prob i can go 3 place... cruise, bintan/batam and think some kinda resort in malaysia also... ALL PROVIDED NO ITP. haaha.. pray pray... cos i wanna go.. but 1 month 3 trips hiong wor... cool bo... hee hee
My sister de wedding like getting closer and closer.. thinking of buying the swatch orange color flower de watch for her.. if u know which i am talkin bout.. and you know where still got or have stock already.. please tell me!! Hahah!
i kinda feel like going and play sky diving... altho i think i may not even have the courage to jump in the first place... the excitement is tremendous... if i ever have the chance... i wanna go try. And if i realli like.. i dun mind it as hobby manz.. WAHAHA! Think not enough sleep = hallucination le.. hahaz
i wanna go gentin can... argh... but also dunno can ask who go.. my family will freak if i go with guys.. haha! Will see... will see.. i wanna go play play play.. i need to play. i think i will go crazy from all the pressure in club and school. Esp in a class where i find people have a 3.95 GPA. this is something i can call "pian tai"!!! hhahah! heck la.. think gotta see liao lo...
someone get me rum and raisin from andersens ice cream... i need to chill... hahaha

6:53 PM

Monday, July 18, 2005

Today i am back to blog. and i have no wish to ratter off regarding my screwed test this morning. so yep... looking at the brite side of life.. =)
but... somethings... forgotten... :'( nvm lo... wait n see if remember...
My new baby-G is sooo nice... thanks dear... Wahahahah... too bad Hello got prob.. cannot post pic.. anyway.. it looks normal la.. is the series that i like... the puppy series... but not the backlight that i was aiming at... cos that one is 2 cuddling dogs.. but the one i have is the dog with a dish... lol.. good enough la.. very very nice...
now i aiming at the S500 casio exilim. dun ask me why the sudden change.. bbut ok la.. screen onli 2.2". good enuf tho.. wait n see... gotta go and do other stuff... FOF and camm... blog later on when i have mood or time...

10:57 PM

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Went out with darling yesterday... Bought a zara tee for 20 bucks.. that is alrite la... recently been buying and buying... time to curb the buying urge... other than my Z57/S500 of cos...
Gee... next week got 4 test in 3 days... Stressful or not... Well... yes it is indeed... since i did not study much. Have to read and read and read... Thank God that FOF assignment and CEM test is postponed to after holidays after the teachers heard of out plight.
I am just so glad that my sons are working hard in club... great job if you r or r ever reading this... Somehow.. i can feel the stress... having to guide so many yr 1's. They have been very cooperative n good... And to say we din guide them much. haiz... And i think it is unfair to them. Very unfair. Cos we all had 1 yr 2 to guide us... but this is like 1:3... proportion is like this... of cos got help from yr 3 la... esp mama... haha. Carene the publication secretary dam poor thing la... Come in onli so many things to do liao... quite unfair to her... Hmmz... can see she trying hard.. plus she got rock climbing.. den still got studies... balancing is indeeed not so easy. While for me.. my stress in not in the sums... its more in getting the money. Ms Ang said finance will not be able to approve the $ in time. Which means we have to go by reimbursement... who is willing to pay manz... Money=stress. Today got lecturers meeting.. think i was quite bad la... cos whatever i felt that the lecturer did not understand or said rite i just went rite ahead to say. But somehow...think that alot of people are just afraid to speak up. Hope i was not too agressive. Club is a lil messy now la... but nvm... dun keep talkin bout club.
Class... erm.. i dun wanna offend anyone.. so i wun disclose names... and kegan! i not talkin bout u la.. and dun so sad leh... aiyahz... also dunno whether to go the hard way or to talk u into being a lil happier. But yes.. class still has some people who irritate me... this and that.. but i will never name them. Seems like everywhere.. people are overly afraid of authority. Just because the teacher has higher authority does not mean you cannot liase with them. Cos all human do have errors. They may b wrong at some times.. or a lil more demanding at the other... but talk to them nicely and they may realise the situation.. sitting at one corner, mugging n complaining to your own peers do not realli help. bah... said too much already.
I think i was bought up in a manner that made me truely afraid of authority.. but luckily my sister led me out of this trap and learn more about having my own say and not blindly agree. Well... glad to have my family around... they are nice...
Sometimes i dun understand human la.. human psychology is realli profound... kinda have the interest and yet, having to understand and access someone is so tiring and bad... but i cannot take them as they are... cos whoever seems to be nice or neutral may be the one that does not like me. Those who seem bad to me.. at least i know they are truthful... some how tho. Some people appear to be really mean and bad... but who understand what some of them have gone through? What is truely deep within them is realli nice and kind. Get throught the initial stage to know the person better and they may be your friends for a lifetime. Wary should you be of the one who smiles to you all day. you do not know what they are thinking.
i am feeling a lil sick.. my nose is dripping a lil.. but i enjoyed my day overall cos i skipped class to do the design for poster... and Mdm hui had to comment on the grammar mistake... o.o! think carene had some probs doing it... but she did good job le.. within such short time do so many design and learn to use photoshop a bit. Very good. To think i was stil slacking when it was 2nd month of sch. i was like learning to play carrom lo... That was then. now that the sem is shorter.. everything gets packed like crazy.. and schedulee gets realli tite. We can afford no time allowance... and no cork ups... realli.. if anyone does something that may affect the whole team, things may be really difficult. Bahz... and i have to think bout ADD already.. i asked Hard Rock.. they say they got space.. but their banquet manager like everyday not ard de... always get to voice message.. =.=" aiyaz.. answer my phone for once and my prob will be settled earlier la...
Time to bathe already.. wun blog too much.. not many will read too la.. hahah!!!

9:14 PM

Sunday, July 03, 2005

currently: Bored

Yeah.. and i mean.. bored.. i dunno why la.. like wanna study.. but no one to study with n discuss also quite boring de

anyway.. something farnie that happen la.. after i entered the article about guys not being exactly cultured, i saw something realli funny. This ger was holding the door for the guys at the food court la.. den i think she have to catch up with her frens already den the stupid yaya guys still slowly walk pass the door.. so she let go.. n "bam" it hit the guy. rite in the middle of his stupid face. N yes.. he did say "aww"... 1.5 sec after the door hit him. Slow reaction or wad i dunno la... but we were all laffing our heads off... =D Dumbass...

Well.. yest went to meet darling at nite.. n yes.. i was late... for 30 min.. even though i m suposed to meet her at 730 and i left home at 6. All thanks to the traffic jam caused by the dunno wad exhibition la... so many police also... kns.. den we all go walk walk.. saw the new adidas customised shoe.. kaoz.. interestin. lol.. den darling saw this short sleeve de pullover in green in adidas.. 89 dollars. woah... o.o ex wor! but cut quite nice.. haha! i like the adidas jackets la... nvm nvm.. dun need them.. lol! Recently looking at watches... baby-g so nice... but i can even make my baby-g disintegrate. the plastic kinda fell apart. How good am i?!?! haha! Although it was alrady like 6 yrs old when that happened la! lolx!

i wanna go eat NYDC.. still got that 10 dollar thingy from nokia.. haha! And i miss my andersen's Rum n Raisin found at IMM building.. T.T so far...

Should go find lucky draw prizes de price liao... will see wad to do about it. May be wed after my class i shall go down to funan n take a lil look... see son got time ma... b4 that meeting where we will have to face that old man... haiz.. he is demanding.. n unrealistic. feel like getting a stick, whack him hard and get him to wake up and take a look... Like taufik will perform for free for us ya? is like $$$$$...dum dum...

i wanna go for a good holiday after this sem.. WAHAHAH! Genting? cruise? will see ba... haha! heard that GYL gg to malaysia.. think i going ba.. lolx... go and enjoy myself also good... while i m young u know. old will have to work.. den will be tai tai liao.. ;P maybe can go holiday not using my own money.. WAHAHAH... siao... think so far. lolx

Oh ya.. i watched initial D already.. twice! WAhahha.. nice nice.. "wo yao GTR!" n "she me shi shen, shen ye shi ren. zhi shi shen zhuo dao ren zhuo bu dao de shi, suo yi jiao shen"LOL! Dam farnie lo... lol!

Next few shows i am aiming... fantastic 4, stealth, charlie n choc factory n bewitched IF i still have the time.. haha! bewitch like bery old fashion... adapted from a show like 20 odd years ago... my sis watched the sitcom when she was like a kid.. wad do u expect. Lol! quite cool tho... haaha!

saw 2 silver subaru side by side downstairs... same spoiler... everything exactly EXACTly same... but number different la... one is SFU n the other is SFD la... haha! Good enuf liao hor! i wan i wan.. wo yao subaru... or even better... evo... let me list the cars i want... hmm... subaru, evo, merc SLK, mazda6 etc etc... hahahah! i even thot of my color combi n designs to put on... awww.. i must be crazy...

kk.. gg for dinner.. blog.. when i have the mood.. :P

7:03 PM

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