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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Both also very happy Posted by Picasa

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In the bus.. obviously i very happy Posted by Picasa

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Me in bus... Posted by Picasa

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Heh Heh... Posted by Picasa

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gee.. long time never blog liao hor.. nvm... :P
This week.. MM day is finalli over.. not bad lar... but for me.. i cocked up alot of stuff.. haiz..
BUT... got some things i never cock up.. like the repeating of lucky draw numbers... KNS... Ah Ong and other lecturers complain to me that lucky draw numbers repeat.. PLS LO. OPEN UR EYES LA... din even take down number dare come n say me... kns... LUCKY I COPY DOWN AR!! basket... Den show to Teoh N Hui.. both of them lan lan.. cos black n white.. unless i fake la.. but.. BUT... so obvious i wrote it on stage oki!
Den ok.. i left wai wai to be recep alone i think=X Haiz.. my fault.. sorry sorry... cos VIP earli... YS darling gotta be VIP usher.. den left her alone.. so sorry lo... Den after that the winners prizes... sianz.. forgot to leave the empty envelopes in backstage.. all put in control... so they go up shake hand onli.. haiz haiz... why why why... this one is my fault... =X
Lets move on to other things ya... GYL camp... They say this wed got some kind of briefing.. heh heh... den i am 2nd I/C of dunno which group.. OMG.. i scared later all i dunno one... me will paiseh de leh.. see... me so shy.. tsk tsk... heh heh=D
Today is a nice and special day.. haaha! Going out of dinner.. actualli waiting for a call.. but i can type all in... tsk.. wad good skills.. lol!
Anyway... Mr n Ms MM.. OMG!! Palavi n the Gaozheng win... this is the MM joke of the year.. believe me... Seriously i support CArene!! n Priscilla!!... hahaha For guys i think My tak sum bong anthony is not bad.. and that er... carene's partner.. dunno wad name... is ok... But in the end... PALAVI n GAOZHENG... hahah *faintz*
But audience reaction was realli funny lar.. alot of funny tings... and yeah.. full full FULL audi manz.. cool... Thanks to the peopple who bot the tickets!! haha! And yeah.. helpers helped quite a bit too.. great job ba...
Now time for my ADD to appear into the lifes of MMEC.. :P
FOR NOW.. NOW... i shall enjoy my dinner.. hehheh... Awwww... hehehe

4:52 PM

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Happy National Day..
Happy birthday Jasmine...
Thanks for the chalet ya jasmine.. haha! Not bad la.. but no one there.. zzz :P
i have so much to say.. yet so lil energy to bother.. so ya... not gg to bother
see ya...

10:50 PM

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

i think i look alrite... i think i act alrite.. but the fact still lies that i feel a lil bad in there...
My results are so much screwed. i dun even wanna face it. Much less talk to anyone in class about it. Cos their results are so much better than me la. Oh manz.. even wad i thought i knew how to do got such low marks... This just makes things suck. And ya.. wads even more sucky is that i have a list of work to do. Now even my sis has added on to that by having a duty roster for everyone every weekend.
i wanna work that anger out.. i am angry at myself. My lack of drive... i feel like just punching myself in the face so that i can finalli wake up. i dun mind tasting my own blood manz... think i won talk bout such things... so not me...
Will be having a MM day meeting later on. Oh manz.. n there is CEM test. Guess everything has to be a pray pray situation. Things to do. $$ to worry bout... tickets haven even been sold. Banners have not been painted. I dunno why i can still be so calm bout it. AGM is next week. yes. so screwed, the banner is not even up. ADD have not even been done. Carene have nt been briefed by Ms ang. URGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i m going to sleep already... how i hope i can just sleep forever... ...

12:02 AM

Monday, August 01, 2005

Urgh... what troubles you troubles me.. hmm... now feeling kinda weird... tired.. but i think its gonna be a lil difficult to sleep...
Well... so sorry for wad happened just now my dear... hmm... Muackies...
Just a short round up of wad i did this week. Banner painting... which i din realli do. Ok.. i m dam slack.. but i always prefer to do the computer works u know...=X Den went to watch stealth... Its a nice show.. very much enjoyed it... thanks my dear...
Went to try to find the UAV Stuff at woodlands library on friday... but no info... =.=" wad kinda library manz.. but in the end i just anyhow whack liao la.. what else u expect rite.. like i cannot realli find many things... so go walk walk around funan.. haahah! guess i m just a slacker... lalala
I found my S500.. Funan there got one at 620. Dammit... my hands are itching to press the buttons.. Guess i will do it next week or something... as i always claim, i am good at spending $$.
I still have CEM. Today will be getting back my CAMM n ED results. Sure to suck. darn... haiz.. ED is tough manz... i dun wanna go sch.. yet i also dun wan people to see my results. How contradicting ya.. Esp some people in classs.. just cannot stand their attitude. Haha! Kegan must be wondering who it is again...
i wanna sleep soon... i must remember to hand up the advancement proposal tml.. MUST.. n ya.. alot of things all need to pay n all that le... sia la... quick quick ger.. wed see got time anot.. my dotter elroy... got time??? lol
oh ya.. just now elroy called me to get someone's phone number.. and ya... THAT person... shocked me man.. how my dotter get to know someone who knows THAT person... so tyco..=.=
K la.. i guess it is time for me to rest... i have already blogged for 10 minutes...
Hoping that u feel better... hoping u r happy...

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