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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Take me away on angels wings
where i do not have to worry about things
Take me away high on the skies
Where my face will not have to be disguised
Bring me to the beautiful heavens
Where sincere smiles and love happens
Give me the peace of mind desired
At this point with earthly requires
Promise you take me to the clouds above
Allowing me to soar like a dove
When the correct time ticks by
Promise i will be brought up high

Nevertheless this earthly life of mine
Consist of beautiful memories survived
The sinceres the family the love by my side
Allows the opening of my heart wide
Beautiful beautiful are those nice
Letting me smile when they are by my side
Having them already suffice
The acquaintances with no strings attached
Stays around anywhere they like
I may think my life's a mess
Not being able to handle the insincere's test
But most important are the ones with love
That brings me up to the stars above

Thank you thank you wonderful God
For granting the beautiful into my life
I pray i pray to the Lord
That they never never have to leave my side...


5:56 PM

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Just as everyone has the right to reject me when i get them out. i have the right too. i dun see the idea when everyone have dampen my mood and i have to entertain them understand. this is such a crappy world. Thanks to those who dampen my mood. u shall experience the same idea.
Getting results.. what crap. i am pissed... i got the results.. i am even more moody. This crap is getting me no where. Wondering what my results would be if i haven joined club. Yes. companionship... *see above* den i have to face this kinda result. i feel like... wadever...
i hope i can be happy again.. for now i am just feeling so screwed. i dun wanna stay in the house.. but of cos.. i dun have any company
How i miss those happy times when i went shopping with huishi... or when i went to feast and pig out somewhere.. i just wan someone to do that now... hmm...
this is getting depressing... Darling.. i am waiting for you to finish your exam alrite!! Jia you... =) After that we shall go and eat.. hehz.. stingray... satay... octopus... yum... hehz
Found this nice song.. sung by jackie chan and that jin xi shan... nice tune...
my mother is coming later. bah... not in the mood to entertain anyone now... get a life

11:23 AM

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hi... i am back... after like 1 month of slacking from the bloggies club...
I just did my accounts.. and i realised that i blew about $550.00 this month based on entertainment, interest and clothes. This is unacceptable.. i should stop myself from further spending.. EVER in the next 2 months...
Went to batam for the first week of holidays... GYL camp... 4 days 3 nites and it was a blast.. erm.. i dun mean it as the bali bomb blast alrite... although my family was worried since it was all happening in indonesia. =X Well, ask me bout the camp and yes. i enjoyed it.. haha! It was definitely a fun camp la.. no dirty games and we get enuf sleep throughout... 2130 to 0800. Not enuf u mite as well move your home to a pig sty. haha...
Amidst all this seemingly happy facade lies the big big lies and of cos... public relations issue. i learnt... with great amusement... that life can be so... ... fake. believe me.. i saw through many things that happened... i heard from witnesses and well.. call them victims. hehz... nvm... that is all part of my very small thought. I do hope that this mask was put on for the sake of the good of all... This is sooo unlike wad i have seen previously. i guess i can call the world a theatre...
Alrite enuf of these laments.. lets move on to my life...
Exams are screwwwwwed. i went into depression during exam period actualli cos i blew my first paper... FOF... ok... if i pass.. i sompa i will thank God... Praying Hard now... den the others was alrite i guess.. although scoring seems a little tougher due to the first disappointing hurdle. =X
Next.. i enjoyed my 3 days 2 nites worth of peeling due to the sentosa outing with club.. it was realli realli fun. Played captains ball in the water etc... for like 6 hours in the sun. All got burnt.. not one was sspared.. unless you are talking bout cheeyan and some others who hid in the shade all the time. =.=" I was lobster red when i went to school on monday. i guess i turned some people off so much they din dare to speak to me.. lol!! Well... when i was at batam guess things were alot better then...
When i was at batam... i soooooooo regret not buying soooooo many stuff... Let me list them out... i wanna buy A&W back to Singapore.. i promise i will open one in singapore if i have the means.. haha! den the Adidas shoes... it was onli 30 bucks for the supernova... Gawd... and the shirts onli 5 bucks.. singapore retailing at $39.00... that one i bot 1... one onli.. should have wholesaled manz.. haha! and i wanna buy those ripcurl and roxy shorts alrite.. they are 10 bucks cheaper than singapore for the short ones la.. hehz... i wanna buy those kids clothings in the shopping centre... cos they are cute.. and way waaaay cheaper than singapore. Haha! Gosh... so many things i din buy.. a lil sadded...
Let me see what i bought recently... My Levis square cut... that was a nice one la...hehz... den i went shopping with my darling Yunsi... and bought 2 sets of clothes... skirts and pants as well as tops. Haha... den finalli.. i bot my skates... thanks to my sister.. i bought the wrist/elbow/knee guards.. which cost a freakin $50 bucks. i like those skates manz.. nice.. and smooth... Wahaha...
My sister is getting married in church during Nov and my brother(who is nearli non-existent in muh life) is having his dinner in feb. My clothes are sponsored by my 2nd sis.. haha! Ok... so she bought me this red dress and this gold shoes.. Wee... i like that pair of gold shoes... =) Guess i will get some nightgown for my bro's wedding dinner.. haha... shine shine.. bling bling...
Going to school tomorrow to write proposal... counting and counting.. i hope that people in club knows that we do not have much time left.. realli.. banners to paint and things to do... must jia you ar.. now celia not in singapore to push people liao... tsk... Banny ar... banny... NVM... they all jia you can le... My ADD still haven confirm place and my freakin hotmail cannot log in. Screw it~ all my quotations i ask them send there de lo... crap...
My dearie has been workin sia.. so busy... i wana go ice skate ok... i also wana go sentosa play ok... i wanna go skating too ok... i wana go watch movie too ok... hahah! i think even my own time also not enuf... haiz... nvm.. he pei me go buy my skates etc already... =) thankies... i know i try very long.. lol
Recently been doing household chores.. washing toilet mainly... feel quite sianed.. cos i wash... and wash.. and wash.. also like nv clean... argghhhh... I packed my cupboard today and realised i have kept many pieces of clothings in freeze pack.. lol.. meaning i nv wear=nv utilise resources... tsk tsk.. but all is t shirt and polo.. believe me... all sch shirt... i think everyday wear also can wear 2 weeks ok... lol collection... :P den i have all the books and my shelf all very untidy.. full of tags and books left over from my entertainment. hehz... i finished watching intial D after 1 whole month including the time when i nv watch cos of exam la.. haha so is considered not bad already ok...
i consider this a long entry ya... and it is to compensate for the 1 month of blog-slack i had..
if i have anything more... i will add on la... haha! ciaoz...

10:45 PM

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